Watch Vault is bringing luxury watch trading to Cardano in partnership with

Blockery ([]( is pleased to announce that one of its beta customers, Watch Vault ([](, is bringing luxury watch ownership to the Cardano blockchain. We’re particularly excited to share this news, as it represents adoption by real-world asset custodians of Cardano.

A little about Watch Vault:

Watch Vault is an early stage startup which specializes in connecting folks who seek to trade luxury watches. They have successfully raised via crowdfunding. WV has already deployed their early access application and is experiencing excellent month over month growth in their user base.

A little about Blockery:

Blockery is a blockchain integration as a service platform. Our mission is to give companies a path to integrating their products with the blockchain which is cheaper, easier, faster, and more secure than doing it themselves. Blockery’s beta version is currently live and in the early stages of use by our beta partners.

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