UPDATED & EXTENDED: Fireside Chat – Cardano Summit 2021 Edition – submit your questions!


Hey Cardano Community!

We have updated and extended the [Fireside Chat AMA posted last week](https://www.reddit.com/r/cardano/comments/q6fuic/cardano_fireside_chat_your_top_five_questions_to/) to gather more **Cardano Summit related questions.**

The Cardano Foundation’s CEO, Fred Gregaard and CGO, Eva Oberholzer will answer the **top 10 questions** you have **regarding our announcements that took place during the Cardano Summit 2021.**

Remember, one question per comment and only upvote questions you *really* want to see answered.

If you need some inspiration or a quick refresher of the events that happened at the Summit, here are the links to the announcements:

* [Cardano CIPs: emerging standards](https://youtu.be/XvSME9r7IE4)
* [Connecting the world to Cardano with Blockfrost’s API](https://youtu.be/PC-zVotkCYY)
* [Smart contracts: the Plutus developer experience](https://youtu.be/rZ0lHVTM2Hk)
* [Building decentralized ecosystems on Cardano](https://youtu.be/SfOYX1zVQRA)
* [Veritree’s global land restorations now powered by the Cardano blockchain](https://youtu.be/SFvp2EdATt8)
* [Rival Games: Raising the bar on fan engagement](https://youtu.be/4MbMsNgJjCc)
* [Regulated institution UBX now running a public stake pool on Cardano](https://youtu.be/ayJDn4-cWa0)
* [Cardano Summit 2021: An update from the Cardano Foundation](https://youtu.be/gTGBr3FbkWw)
* [From grape to glass: how to track and trace wine shipped across continents](https://youtu.be/4IkrfE9xd_w)

This post will be pinned until mid-November so be sure to get your questions in ASAP to give people the opportunity to upvote – TOP 10 questions will be answered!

The fireside chat will be recorded and published on YouTube. Stay tuned for our communication of when the video will be live!

**Go on, Ask Us Anything! (Cardano Summit 2021 related 😉)**

Yours truly,

The Cardano Foundation

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