This melted my heart 😍

This guy is running a YT channel with his daughter and they’re making educational videos on Cardano. 🥰 I have stumbled upon his reply on r/cardanostakepools and checked him out, it’s so sweet that he’s teaching his kid about and how to Cardano and them together creating the educational content is so f-ing wholesome. ❤️

This is one more thing why I love Cardano. ❤️

Hope this post will gain visibility, so his channel also gets viewers. 🤗

Edit: Just woke up to see people subscribed to their channel and all of you who did that, you made start of my day with a huge smile and gratitude. 🙏 Thanks for the award, but my biggest award is you guys checking out this channel and helping these two beautiful souls get the attention they deserve. ❤️ I think I will burst how happy I am because once more this community showed we care about each other. Peace, love and prosperity to all of you! ❤️🙏

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