Summary of Hoskinson “Little Bit of Everything” Talk, 2021-12-31

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Note: Although I’ve tried to summarize everything covered, I have weighted Cardano-specific material here more heavily than the considerable stretches where Hoskinson speaks about other topics.


Exciting, amazing year: Fun, challenge, travel; achieved a lot. 120,000 people attended the Sept Cardano summit. SundaeSwap imminent; other dApps in the pipeline. There was also tragedy. A lot of good people died this last year, among them Betty White, at age 99, and Desmond Tutu. Bob Malone (an mRNA vaccine inventor) was also banned from Twitter.

Whether growth in blockchain technology happens in 2022 to the extent it did in 2021 is not clear. The industry, though, will need to digest the consequences of growing as much, and as quickly, as it did. Tools, education, and consumer experiences will need to improve. There will likely be many regulatory events, especially in the defi space. The SEC case vs Ripple will likely resolve, with a Ripple win (but who knows?). Unlikely to get much clarity from Washington.

Old media like CNN and Fox are declining. The dark intellectual web, with people like ‎Bret Weinstein, Joe Rogan, Lex Fridman, is the new wave. People are looking for new approaches and philosophies. There is beauty and magic, but a lot needs to change. Instead of being complacent about the way things work (medicine, politics, etc.), it’s on all of us to enact change however we can, even in little ways, and avoid cynicism.

Hoskinson thinks the value of Cardano stems from what’s been accomplished and finds it ridiculous that he is called a cult leader, mainly just for showing up every week and doing what he can. Uninformed VCs think Cardano is just Charles Hoskinson behind a mic, not realizing there is a community behind it (this statement was already picked up in the [press]( Hoskinson later talked about upgrading his studio equipment, about structuring his broadcasts better, and about bringing in other speakers and broadening the dialog. He also mentioned, again, hiring seven (mainly) social media publicists as well.

Returning to a familiar theme, Hoskinson reiterated that the rushed Silicon Valley approach, “move fast and break things,” is wholly inappropriate for software that people will rely on for their financial well-being and asserted that Cardano is being built the right way, despite decreased speed and added expense of doing so.

Hoskinson talked about a variety of other topics relating to health, happiness, meditation, performance, and generally about thinking through what things we say we want actually mean and figuring out how to align our personal, and community, resources to make them happen. Hoskinson ruminated on his past failures as a manager and CEO, and on his continuing journey to improve. Returning to the subject of Cardano, he asserted that the technologies he is working on have less to do with increased wealth than with a redefinition of wealth and of how to distribute and use it. We all know that people let each other down. We are fallible. It’s part of being human. We need to design our technology with our imperfection in mind, optimizing for cases where people’s fallibility typically gets in the way of fairness and ensuring that complex social and technological structures get built out of components that can be trusted, and don’t just repeat the same old mistakes.

The Cardano roadmap is looking good, with a permanent roadmap towards open source, like Linux. He encouraged those building on Cardano also to open source their projects and to contribute developers to the system. And he referred back to his 2014 Ted Talk, claiming that 2022 will likely see the realization of the plan he first articulated publicly then. The pieces are all (or will shortly be) in place. But Hoskinson hopes, on some level, to be forgotten, with the contributions of the Cardano community overtaking his own. He sees that process as having already begun.

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