SingularityNET spinoff project SingularityDAO just had its debut as launchpad

Hey guys! I’m sure everyone in here is aware of the strong friendship and deep collaboration between Cardano and SingularityNET. While we are still waiting for the ERC20-converter to finally go live, SingularityNETs first spinoff project SingularityDAO just had its debut as launchpad yesterday. Being the DeFi-arm of the SingularityNET-ecosystem, SingularityDAO will launch every upcoming Snet spinoff project. The first project that launched yesterday is Nunet, a decentralized compute project. One of the goals of Nunet is to provide the computing ressources for the whole ecosystem – running endless AI agents and eventually the creation of an AGI (artificial general intelligence) will take a lot of ressources. And what’s better than an in-house decentralized compute project?
There are already more Snet spinoff projects in the pipeline: Rejuve, Mindplex and SophiaDAO.

We don’t really have infos on the upcoming spinoffs, but we could think that once Cardano is ready, these projects will rather get released on Cardano than on Ethereum (as we have seen with Nunet, people pay a lot of gas, and also people waste gas when they can’t get in). As SDAO will be chain agnostic and has its Cardano deployment planned, it’s also safe to think that new quality projects on Cardano could be launched through SDAO, and not only the spinoffs I mentioned. I’ve been waiting long for Cardano to solve the gas fee issues Ethereum has. ERC20 Converter seems to be up and running smoothly according to the latest Cardano updates so I really hope it will get released soon! Can’t wait to stake my AGIX next to ADA in Daedalus!!

A few words about SDAO:
The core product of the platform are so called Dynasets (or as some of the community call them: Dinos), baskets of tokens that get dynamically managed by artificial intelligence. The first Dynaset will get released in December, containing BTC and ETH. SDAO will be chain agnostic, bridging to all kind of different platforms. Eventually once Cardano is ready, there will be Cardano based dynasets (I personally can’t wait for these as ETH fees are killing me). It also has the typical DeFi tools like staking and providing liquidity. And since yesterday, SDAO is also a launchpad for quality projects – not only SNET spinoffs will get launched, eventually also projects outside of our own ecosystem.

These links provide further information about the sale of Nunet

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