Since August 2021, the percentage of Cardano wallets staking has dropped from ~56% to today’s number around 36%

This is not necessarily bad as the total percentage of ADA being staked has hovered in the low 70s for the past two years. It’s actually an indicator of the excellent growth Cardano has experienced over the last 6 months with ~1.5 million new wallets being created in that time! You can see the data [here](

However, it also shows how many people are missing out on staking. Remember, it’s basically free ADA…if you’re not staking, your ADA is losing value.

Checkout [this older post and comment thread]( and then use a non-custodial wallet application to get started. Some examples include [Yoroi, Nami, ccvault, Gero, the list goes on…](

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