RareBears Discord Compromised, Around $200K worth of ETH Stolen

Key Takeaway:

RareBears Discord has been unfortunately compromised and the team is currently working on analyzing the situation.

Although this news was out yesterday by some twitter users , but the RareBears Team has made an official announcement today on twitter around 08:39 AM IST . Team has advised its users to not click on any unknown links, connect their wallet and block all incoming DMs in our discord . In the image below we can see the official announcement made by the Hackers. Meanwhile we advise our readers to not click any phishing links like https://rarebearnft.io or connect their wallet. Meanwhile According to PeckShield Team around 73 $ETH i.e. around $200 K has been transferred to attackers. We can see this transaction on Etherscan .


Many Users are now complaining to the team on twitter because they have made a delay in the official announcement. Users are now demanding reimbursement for their funds which were lost. But as of now, Hackers are still working to exploit the users. Some users are even contacted on twitter by Hackers as members of the support team. In the below image we can see a chat of Hacker and a user.

Rarebears Support

Fonte: theblockcrypto.com