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# Dear Community Member,

# Fund6 results are now well known.

We can slowly make our way towards the next steps. On the one hand, we are onboarding all the 150+ projects in the coming days. You can find the full F6 tally PDF results [via this link]( in case you’ve missed it. However, this message is about your potential role in a specific sub set of Fund6 vote results – challenge setting category.

# Fund7 Challenges

These are NOT proposals for actual projects. Rather community driven choices of themes that anyone can submit actual projects during Fund7 campaign. Fund7 challenges and their budgets are as follows:

# Community voted – $5,475,000 available in F7

* [Nation Building Dapps]( $600,000
* [A.I. & SingularityNet a $5T market]( $500,000
* [Boosting Cardano’s DeFi]( $500,000
* [DAOs <3 Cardano]( $500,000
* [Connecting Japan Community]( $50,000
* [Grow Latin America, Grow Cardano]( $500,000
* [Scale-UP Cardano’s Community Hubs]( $350,000
* [Catalyst – Rapid Funding Mechanisms]( $250,000
* [DApps & Integrations]( $250,000
* [Gamers On-Chained]( $250,000
* [New SPO Business Opportunities]( $250,000
* [Community Events]( $200,000
* [Mini/Low-Budget Dapps &Integrations:]( $200,000
* [Miscellaneous Challenge]( $200,000
* [Open Source Developer Ecosystem:]( $200,000
* [Seeding Cardano’s Grassroots DeFi]( $200,000
* [Disarm cyber disinformation attacks]( $100,000
* [Global Sustainable Indep. SPO’s]( $100,000
* [Improve and Grow Auditability]( $100,000
* [Multilingual resources]( $100,000
* [Lobbying for favourable legislation]( $75,000

# IOG selected – $925,000 available in F7

* Catalyst accelerator & mentors: $500,000
* Accelerate decentralised identity: $425,000

# Challenge Teams

With ± 20 challenges, and “handover” of challenge setting to the community, the Catalyst team will not be able to keep up with the efforts needed to work with challenges effectively:

1. There is no incentive for authors of challenge setting proposals.
2. Challenge ROI, needs to be tracked not only by numbers, but also through careful analysis and communicated back to the community.
3. Knowledge and expertise around the problem-space should be maintained. Catalyst needs people to care about these themes.

The intention is for the Challenge Teams pilot to be dynamic and responsive to feedback. 

Dynamic in that it can be spun up with more people and resources when the needs emerge and responsive so to be led by discussion by and for community participants. If you’re a Challenge Team you are the eyes and ears to feedback to the Catalyst Team and community about whether or not the pilot is working.

# What is the role?

The role of Challenge Teams is to steward the challenges in Catalyst – to present the challenge, track the progress, and report back to the community their perspective on whether the challenges were addressed. In return, the proposing team has an opportunity to receive a “Challenge team” incentive of $2,500 worth of ada.

# Emancipating the community

The purpose of having the Project Catalyst community submit their own challenges is to emancipate the platform from the Project Catalyst team. Eventually, the Cardano community will control the innovation and collaboration process from inception to delivery. With that in mind, it is crucial that we understand what an impactful challenge looks like. More on that during the workshop to take place.

# So, you want to join a challenge team?

# Why?

* To offer your expertise and passion in order to make challenges more impactful
* To take an active role in decentralizing stewardship of Catalyst and Cardano
* To participate in the bleeding edge of governance experimentation (things may break)
* To earn up to $2,500 worth of ADA per challenge in Fund7!

# How?

* Express interest by filling out the form: [](
* Attend workshop to get information on expectations & best practices
* Workshop will take place during After Town Hall space (break out room) this Wednesday
* Register now [via this link]( & save the spot already for the regular town hall **Nov 3 @ 18:00 UTC**
* Will be recorded
* Commit to ~20 hours of work spread over a 3 month period
* Perform duties & get paid!

***Note:*** Original proposer(s)/co-proposer(s) of funded challenges (as listed in Ideascale) have the priority in terms of securing their Challenge Team nominations first. **Deadline to submit priority nomination is this Thursday – Nov 4 at noon UTC.** 

# What?

Each challenge team will be responsible for 3 key deliverables:

1. Town Hall Presentation (Fund Launch)

* Deliver a presentation to a live Town Hall audience to introduce the challenge to the community at start of the new funding round. Presentation may be recorded ahead of time.
* *Estimated Effort:* 2 hours

1. Cohort Onboarding (Execution Phase)

* Set a coordination meeting with your challenge funded projects. Elaborate on fund brief and facilitate conversation to uncover shared passions and opportunities for collaboration. Encourage proposers to share contact information and keep in touch throughout execution. Set the tone and intention to achieve maximum return on impact for YOUR challenge.
* *Estimated Effort:* 3 hours

1. ROI Retrospective (Post Execution)

* Keep in touch with your challenge cohort as they deliver on their proposals. After three months, reflect on the achievements of your challenge cohort and deliver a final perspective on return on intention. Your assessment will help determine how funds are allocated in future rounds. 
* *Estimated Effort:* 15 hours

# Get in touch about Catalyst

Have questions or any doubts about Catalyst? Comment below or DM me directly here on reddit, or you can follow me [via twitter]( or [telegram]( – I’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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