Patience Will Pay

Not sure if this is just because of new people making an investment in cardano without doing any research, but i am seeing a lot of these comments in posts on, “where are the projects?”

Cardano is playing chess, not checkers. They literally have had smart contracts for approximately a month, and not to mention new SDKs being developed to code applications on the network, along with an API tree being developed for external network calls.

Also people are talking a lot about quantity over quality of applications, this is true but with the open source system with voting on projects this will take care of itself. But there are plenty of big projects coming in art, gaming, and personal finance. all of that not to mention government and collegiant partnerships that are constantly expanding.

So everyone just take a deep breath, and do research on ISPOs and register to vote on projects in catalyst, grow the community, and the awareness. Don’t just sit back and bash something without proper research. Stake your ada in pools and projects you are interested in, do some googling on the things you can do now on the network.

I cannot wait for cardano to flex on all these other networks and block chains with it’s better scalability and tps and throughput. Once this starts to show it capabilities and how proof of stake is dominant, I have no doubt it will snowball to double it’s price in the next year.

So to wrap up, just be patient, this is the calm before the storm, and the beginning of what will be the huge user and project base of cardano. Enjoy the mystery of the possibilities right now, and stake and hold, it’s coming!!

Here is a list of big projects coming soon:

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