PAB is just around the corner! : a software engineering point-of-view

I have been tracking the development progress of Cardano project for quite a while ( [Status Updates – Cardano Roadmap]( ). Since the Alonzo upgrade, the Adrestia team has been focused in PAB. A lot of projects in the ecosystem (e.g. [](, etc) are depending on it to interact with the Cardano chain and wallets.

They (Cardano team) indicated that these were the list of things they needed to do. I tagged the completion date to indicate the completion.

* The introduction of new Plutus transaction balancing and signing endpoints (Oct 15)
* Adjusting the coin selection algorithm (Oct 8)
* Determining the contract execution cost in transaction fee, collaterals (Oct 8)
* Handling datums attached to TxOuts. (assumed completion without reporting because of no reporting and the team seems to move the end-to-end testing)

The progress update yesterday (Oct 22) showed that it has now reached the end-to-end testing and optimization stage. Last week it was still in the development. This is a very good news! In term of software development, this means that the main functional requirements are completed and they are tuning and making sure that it is working accordingly to the specifications.

Here is my take. What do you think?

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