Mehracki (MKI), Internet Computer (ICP), and Hedera (HBAR)

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Are you bored of watching red candles on your crypto portfolio? Then we strongly suggest that you consider adding Mehracki (MKI), Internet Computer (ICP), and Hedera (HBAR) to your investment portfolio. These 3 cryptoscan be added periodically and you should try to accumulate huge volumes in order to transform your portfolio and turn it into green. The Mehracki Token is a new cryptocurrency that will be launched soon and you can purchase it through a presale . It will be used as a payment currency for the hospitality sector. Read on to learn more about Mehracki, Internet Computer, and Hedera. 

Hedera stable coin could see launch soon as HaitiPay demonstrates use case

EMTECH, a CBDC provider in the US partnered with HaitiPay, a fintech company based out of Haiti. Together, they demonstrated the first use case of the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) to be based on the Hedera Hashgraph network. 

The proposed Proof of Concept stable coin could have a huge impact on the health and economy of Haiti. It would also provide access to digital payments for a regulated fintech provider like HaitiPay removing the gap between unbanked and banked populations. The HBAR Token is highly preferred for powering stable coins because of its low fees and highly secure network. 

Mehracki has an edge over other meme tokens

Most meme tokens do not have sufficient utility and provide no additional rewards. They simply depend on their community to help and promote the token. Mehracki differs from other meme tokens in providing many rewards and has a real use case that will benefit the hospitality and tourism industry.

The MKI Token will be used to power transactions for the hospitality industry. Customers will be able to pay without worrying about currency conversion fees and businesses will be able to offer additional discounts due to saving on third party commissions. The Mehracki ecosystem will charge a flat fee of 0.5% which will be used to maintain the ecosystem and issue rewards. 

In addition, the MKI Token will provide numerous rewards such as liquidity mining rewards, staking rewards, NFTs and will help to encourage users to hold the token for the long term.

In order to keep the community engaged and help in greater adoption of the MKI Token, NFT rewards will be distributed to MKI holders which will be available in the marketplace. This will provide a broader audience and give the community a better ecosystem that will help in its overall growth.

Meme tokens that are able to build use cases generally tend to do well in the long-term future. The Mehracki Token can be considered for the long term due to its strong utility and you can also use it as a payment currency that will help in overcoming currency conversion fees and eliminate third-party commission charges. 

Internet computer reaches 64K+ smart contracts

Internet Computer (ICP) has reached another milestone with 64K+ smart contracts being deployed on its blockchain network which translates to 38 blocks per second processing time. The Internet Computer blockchain has also completed the first direct testnet integration with Bitcoin becoming one of the first networks to achieve this rare feat. 

The Internet Computer blockchain has been built from scratch and aims to power the next generation of internet, building a world-class community that is interconnected and can power the internet of things (IoT) devices in the future. 

The ICP network is not a fork and has not been put together in a hurry but it has been built as a standalone blockchain network that can power many dApps in the future. The ICP Token can be considered for the long term as it has great investment potential. 

Do your own research because cryptocurrencies are a volatile investment instrument. You should also try and stay informed about the coin’s progress as crypto prices tend to react quickly to market news and updates.