Maxima Horse Syndication Token: Own, Race, Earn, Repeat

As always in a reality that aims to be the link between reality and virtual, the focus of the question is usually reduced to a few questions; one of them is obviously … what is the purpose.
And since, in our reality, where there is a market that generates over $ 100,000 a year in trading NFTs the total value of transactions increased by 299% year to year to more than $ 250m you need to be aware of the news.

Today we talk about MAXIMA NFTs and the project to combine the NFT market with the horse industrial chain: it would result in strong exponential growth with enormous impact for everyone in the market.
NFT is primarily acting as a digital collectible form, and is an underestimated investment that is worth the attention from the general public. ERC-1155 allows Maxima to provide fractional shares ownership of horses; each racehorse is tokenized and split into Horse Ownership Tokens. Not only; Maxima includes a variety of social features for users to interact with each other so, all information is transparent and readily available to the public. And on the Roadmap a fully automated, 24 x 7 cross border and secure “Global Racehorse Ownership Trading Exchange” based on blockchain technology is almost ready to go.

Here is some information:

– Token Name: Maxima Token
– Token Symbol: $ MAX
– Token Format: Ethereum ERC20 Standard
– Token Decimal: 18
– Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
– First Sales: Q4 2021
– Token Address: 0x2b3360320f0dffe3bf71b054fd0a7460d0129c51
– Hard cap: $ 20,000,000
– Initial circulating supply: 150 million Max
– Initial market cap: $ 15,000,000
– Fully diluted market cap: $ 100,000,000

Racehorse Collections and Ownership

Maxima House Syndication Token

Users can either buy a single horse entity using ERC-721 standard or buy fractional shares of horses using ERC-1155 token standard.

As NFTs offer an unbreachable leak-proof security layer to confirm the originality of digital assets, Maxima users will have their own unique profile to showcase the horses they currently own, along with their status, price, and more detailed information of their assets.
Maxima Marketplace will provide different features for users to interact with, such as listing their horses for sale, participating in horse management and training, etc. The ownership of NFT horses on Maxima is equal to owning real horse assets.

Claim resale royalties directly on Maxima

Maxima Marketplace

All original horse owners who put their horses onto Maxima platform will receive 5% of royalty reward from each onward transaction. The amount of royalty will be significantly higher if the price of horses is traded higher later on.
This will serve as a strong incentive for horse farm owners to participate in Maxima’s ecosystem.

Maxima will provides real time price updates for all its horses.
There will be live event updates for different races around the world and Maxima will also partner with broadcasting channels in order to make live streaming of horse races possible on the platform.

Was the brief introduction to Maxima ($ MAX) Token and the opportunity to be included in the WhiteList for PreSale enough?
Find out all the details on the official website and social channels!

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