Latest Catalyst Circle meeting record.

QA-DAO has published the record of the latest Catalyst Circle meeting (CCv2 Meeting #4, 23rd December 2021.) If you’re new to the community – or just been busy – this is a really good “catch-up” of what’s going on in Catalyst governance.

As always, we’ve included timestamps, minutes, and a full verbatim transcript to help you catch up quick. Find it on the QA-DAO Circle v2 Oversight GitBook ( []( ) or watch on YouTube ( []( ).

Meeting highlights include:

* How do we visualise and track trust and participation? Is popularity actually a form of reputation? **(48 mins in)**
* How can we ensure continuity from fund to fund in important challenge settings? **(1:18:36 mins in)**
* Should Circle sponsor key proposals from the community? **(1:40:00 mins in)**
* Some great points about the VCA process **(1:31:57 in)** Thoughts? Is “assessing” different from just going through a checklist?

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