Keep ADA and others, or transfer to BTC for “safety”

Hey all, I was big into the crypto scene in 2017 and 2018. I made purchases here and there, and found one that I believe in and will hold onto for a long time. Recently, with thoughts of the new year, and how I’m going to work on a myriad of things around me, I had remembered that I had a few coins in Binance, before the split to []( I never made the transition out of there, and feared everything lost. Until I got a vpn, and logged into the old Binance. I know have a few days to transfer a not insignificant amount of ADA, TRX, and XLM to either the US platform, or to a secure wallet.

Now, I can obviously do this a few ways, but since I’ve been out of the game for a few years now, I’m not sure where these coins are headed, or if they’re good projects to remain invested in. I’m wondering if I should just trade everything into BTC for “safety”. Does anyone have any suggestions, reading material, anything that could help me make an as informed decision as possible? (Please note I am not seeking financial council, and I acknowledge that no one here is giving me financial advice)

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