Is there a “market” for new wallet?


I am a long term C++/Qt cross-platform programmer, who made many desktop apps over the decades. I have to admit that I have a bit unique view on webapps and modern software, that is IMHO unnecessarily bloated and resource expensive (RAM, CPU), despite it looks “cool”, but I totally understand that’s what most of modern users are looking for.

When I first saw Daedalus – a prime example of this kind of software (massive CPU and RAM usage, compared to any other full node client I know for other chains) I was wondering why nobody created a simple stupid lighweight desktop wallet that maybe doesn’t look fancy, but does the job, is secure and uses very little RAM and CPU. I was actually thinking of contributing to Cardano project a bit in this aspect and create one, but then I dismissed the idea as I didn’t really see this as something community would have wanted.

However – seeing this disgruntled comment by a potential Cardano user – []( (read the whole discussion – he ended up selling and leaving) I started thinking that maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea in the end.

What do you think? Do you think that there is a user base of people that would prefer a lightweight wallet (< 100MB RAM, little CPU usage) that is NOT browser based (therefore potentially more secure), with simple stupid interface that just “does its job” and nothing else?

If there was support / interest in this idea, perhaps I would start some open source project for this, I even had a model in my mind where this wallet could be a light wallet in similar fashion to Yoroi, but more community focused and decentralized – where the backend servers that act as full nodes would be in fact operated by community SPOs, similarly to Sundae Scoopers (these nodes would be just a proxy between cardano-node and light wallet, they would just handle signed transactions, so it would be absolutely safe, the signing would be always done by light wallet using the owners computer, no keys or secrets would ever be exposed).

Thanks for any feedback on this idea.

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