icy.tools Discord Hacked

Key Takeaways

icy.tools Discord was compromised on May 8th,2022 and the hacker has posted messages related to a fake minting phishing website.

Hacker’s Messages

Below is a quick overview of this project.

icy.tools  is a tool that helps us to discover, track, and analyze NFTs with real time floor and volume data, historical charts and trend data, NFT portfolio values on any wallet, and much more.

As soon as team was notified of this attack, they have  posted  on Twitter that,  They are not minting anything at the moment and do not have plans to . Meanwhile their discord team member  z3n0  has posted in the announcements that, they have dealt with the attack and banned all the hackers. Team has also  advised  everyone to use  http://revoke.cash  to revoke transfer approvals.

According to the official information released by them on their Twitter  thread , Discord was compromised for about 30 minutes and during this time, hacker gained access to send discord announcements to a scam mint site, which has compromised a handful of wallets. Team will be working with those affected to recover what was lost.

This compromise was a result of social engineering targeting one of their mods. Team has also released a form for those users whose wallets were compromised due to the attack. Here is the link of that form:  https://icytools.typeform.com/to/ilmjXbOx . Here is full  analysis  performed by icy.tools team.

As discord hacks are increasing nowadays, our readers should stay alert.

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