How to Connect to Cardano Block Explorer

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In this post we’ll talk about Cardano ($ADA) block explorer, how it works, why use it & how to access it.
If you want to launch a project running on the Cardano blockchain, you need to make sure it keeps track of what is happening in the $ADA network 24/7. Your wallet, exchange, analytical platform, or decentralized application needs to have constant access to data about block height, transactions status, wallet balances, and more.

An $ADA explorer will help your project sync with the blockchain. A Cardano block explorer will provide you with any data that you request from it in real-time.

The $ADA block explorer is a tool that allows you to browse the blockchain in the same way that you use Google to browse the Internet.
You can use the official Cardano block explorer search bar to enter any wallet address, block hash, or other data that you want to learn more about, and the $ADA explorer will display the necessary information.
However, if you run a crypto project on the Cardano blockchain, this type of block explorer won’t work for you. We brought the pictures from the official Cardano explorer just to give an example of what data the block explorer provides. Your Cardano-based project can’t make automated queries to this website: this would be too slow and cumbersome.
Learn more on [how to use Cardano block explorer & connect it to your own ADA project](

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