Globiance and Bitrue Exchange Listed Plugin (PLI) Token

The Plugin links the smart contract to the real-time environment. Encrypting the data it receives from the data feed provider guarantees that it is accurate and reliable. This guarantees that feed is collected from different sources and aggregated via the use of off-chain computing.

The Plugin (PLI) token has been approved and placed on the Globiance exchange . A new PLI token has been added to the exchange, which, according to La Rosa, represents the “XDC Rapid Listing Initiative.”

The PLI token saw a nearly 67 percent increase in value immediately after the Bitrue listing. Before that, the crypto community expects that the PLI token price will see another upward surge, similar to the one that occurred after the token’s recent launch on Bitrue .

#Xinfin We’re listing $PLI @GoPlugin today after they successfully passed the #BTRVote Thanks to your support ! Deposits are open NOW, and pairs with $USDT open at 11:00 UTC today. — Bitrue (@BitrueOfficial) October 15, 2021

Almost 93 percent of the “XDC Rapid Listing Initiative” has already sold out to commemorate the collaboration on the listing process. Customers may trade the PLI/XDC, PLI/USDG, and PLI/GBEX pairings whenever convenient for them because of this synergy.

Plugin , a decentralized oracle platform, enables the creation of cost-effective intelligent contract solutions on the XinFin ecosystem. gathers data from various other sources, consolidates it, and ensures its customers always get the correct value. This is the most critical component for any decentralized oracle provider that wishes to maintain high customer confidence. 

The “PLI” token powers the Plugin ecosystem. PLI token is based on XinFin’s XRC20 standard, which reduces GAS costs, speeds up transactions, and enables hundreds of Dapps to connect to Data Oracles used by Billions of people globally. The weather data decentralized provider project is now under pilot testing and is scheduled to be operational in November 2021.

Blockchain technology is not only for dealing with crypto assets; the emergence of intelligent contract-based blockchain frameworks such as XinFin Network and Ethereum can change the game. A prime example of this is the aforementioned DeFi space.

The main reason for using the Plugin is that it offers data feeds for a fraction of the cost of other Oracle suppliers. Thus, Plugin may be seen as a decentralized oracle provider that is cost-effective, scalable, and highly trustworthy.


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