DISH will bring 20Million users to Cardano. (But who are those 33M users that will onboard by the end of the second quarter of 2022. ?)

# Dish Network aims to create services for 20m TV and Boost cellular subscribers

*Dish Network and Input Output Global (IOG) have formed a strategic collaboration to explore using the Cardano blockchain across the Nasdaq-listed US satellite television and cellular network group.* 

*The two companies aim to build new services for customers of the Boost mobile network, Dish satellite TV, and Sling streaming television service. Between them, Dish has 11.4 million TV subscribers and 9.4 million wireless subscribers.*



[***DISH***]( *and Input Output Global recently announced collaboration on using distributed ledger technologies (DLT) in developing wireless products.*

*Leveraging the Cardano blockchain platform, the respective teams of DISH and IOG are looking forward to developing applications that will boost the user bases of Boost, DISH, and SLING services.*



*According to Hoskinson, Cardano will help Dish provide 8 million digital identities to its customers. By putting identities on the Cardano blockchain platform, they become more private and secure. This is because the identities become immutable.* [**](


*Dish Network is considering using blockchain technology to develop a loyalty program that would stretch across its mobile and satellite TV businesses. And according to one company executive, the program could reward participants with cryptocurrency payments.* *Blockchain could create a “standard infrastructure” for loyalty programs, according to Chris Ergen, head of the “Dish Wireless Office of Innovation.” Ergen – the son of Dish Network founder Charlie Ergen – discussed the topic on the sidelines of the recent MWC trade show in Los Angeles.*

*Ergen said such a loyalty program could be rolled out to Dish’s roughly 9 million Boost Mobile customers. He said it could also potentially be expanded to other customers including those who subscribe to Dish’s satellite and streaming TV services.* [**](

DISH Named #1 Nationally in “Overall Customer Satisfaction” [](

Cardano Summit announcement: []( :

– the negotiation and working out the agreement took 9 months from start 2021.

– loyalty programs (tokens)

– crypto payments

– identity with Atala Prism


Ok, above we know the details.



**NOW WHAT is in it FOR CARDANO? Community Research request.**

Will those 9M, and eventually 20M users cause transaction fees on the Cardano network? (after all that is what brings Cardano Revenue(earnings) .

* Loyalty tokens and run them on Cardano: will each transaction of a loyalty token pay the same transaction fee as ADA transactions? as we know from loyalty points, they are on small amounts. I am not sure if each loyalty token transaction will also pay that 20 cents. Does anyone have an idea?
* identity with Atala Prism: where will this bring transaction fees? each time someone checks online the identity details will pay that transaction fee? or is this a one-time fee when an identity is created?


Cardano360 – December 2021 End of Year Edition: [](

*02:25 we shared the news that we’re planning* ***to onboard 33 million active users by the end of the second quarter of 2022.****02:33 on top of that we’ll have six million verifiable decentralized ids logged on our education platform in ethiopia*

Of what “**33 million active users”** they are referring to? It’s not Ethiopia as mentioned ” on top of that” and Charles did not make another contract with a country in Africa except a memorandum *of understanding* (MoU) ( *It expresses a convergence of will between the parties, indicating an intended common line of action )*

Must be something they are working on for a long time. Then DISH is the only option left. (but it is not 33 million users. on the other side they are active users)


Does anyone have any other idea who those “**33 million active users”** could be?

Does anyone have an idea when DISH will come online on Cardano? any more sources of info?



I find it strange that they only announced this in a video and those words took 2 seconds of a 1-hour video. No talk anymore later.

This should have been big news that the media should pick up, but all stay with their FUD machine.


Charles repeated many times that VC funds don’t like Cardano because they could not accumulate Cardano before retail. And I noticed some strange things on the block-chain [](

Maybe these dots connect with each other, or maybe not. What is your opinion?

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