Crypto firm extends sub-accounts to its derivatives exchange sub-accounts are now extended to derivatives products, in addition to spot and margin trading on the crypto exchange, it said in a release shared with CryptoSlate today.

Derivatives are financial instruments that track the price of which is determined by the value of their underlying asset. This allows investors and traders to bet on the prices of that asset, without the hassles of custody and ownership.

The feature allows users to create multiple Sub-accounts under the Master Account, so they can trade with independent balances, margins, and positions.

Users can experiment and diversify trading strategies by isolating funds, positions, margin, or access. This feature is open to both institutional and retail users.

The feature can be accessed via the ‘sub-account’ tab on, alongside the other features offered by the website and app

Founded in 2016, is an all-encompassing crypto application offering trading, investing, lending, DeFi, and NFT services to both retail and institutional users.  Over 90 cryptocurrencies are available to U.S. traders, with users able to earn interest on crypto holdings at a higher rate than the best high-yield savings accounts.

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