Catalyst proposal that aim to provide the missing link of decentralized governance

Hello Cardano community!

As you probably know, one of the biggest challenges that stand in front of cardano (and the rest of the crypto eco-system) is governance – how can we make decision together as a community without creating concentration of power, while staying efficient, flexible and adaptive to the changing reality?

So if those questions concern you as me, I am thrilled to tell you about our fund 6 proposal for the distributed decision making challenge – **consenz: a virtual parliament app**.

We wish to build a platform that will enable us, the cardano community, to discuss the issues and dilemmas that relevant for our eco-system future, and create shared agreements in the most efficient and user friendly way. Those agreements could be the base for the best decentralized governance system.

To accomplish this goal we need your support! So if you want to hear more about our idea you are most welcome to check out [this video](, and I hope that you will find our proposal worth your votes.

Here – [](

and here – [](

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