Cardano Rumor Rundown October 13, 2021

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Newly covered today:

1. Catalyst Fund 6 has 711 projects on the ballot! [](
2. Coinbase is launching an NFT market. How will this impact the CNFT scene? Coinbase tells us: “…initial launch will support Ethereum based ERC-721 and ERC-1155 standards with multi-chain support planned soon after.” []( [](
3. Eric Rosengren (who recently left the Boston Fed) let’s us know that the Fed/MIT CBDC project is pretty far along and will release a working paper soon. This would obviously be impactful for all of crypto and for Cardano. [](

Previously Covered but still interesting:

1. dcSpark is unveiling a sidechain project called Milkomeda that will use wrapped ADA and so-called “wrapped smart contracts”. The first sidechain, M1, will be an Ethereum Virtual Machine sidechain. This means Solidity devs can deploy their current smart contract code in M1 and those smart contracts will be accessible to Cardano users. This is “the pond”. This will be HUGE! Good work dcSpark! You guys are killing it! [](
2. IOHK partners with European Business University of Luxembourg to offer scholarships including instruction in Haskell and Plutus to students across 25 countries in Africa. [](
3. It’s interesting to note that (as pointed out by [@Rob98550139]( on June 23rd, EBU of Luxembourg also offered 5,000 scholarship’s in “Plutus Blockchain programming for Cardano Blockchain” to Nayib Bukele for El Salvador. Something unannounced going on there? [](
4. The August Cardano 360 is out! Another great job by Tim Harrison and company! [](
5. The “Buy Cardano” keyword hits a three month high on Google. [](
6. Cardano competitor Ethereum suffered a consensus bug today (Aug 27) that impacted 54% of nodes. Apparently they were able to upgrade the version of Geth being run by a majority of the pools in time to head off a majority supported fork to the bad chain. But, the go ethereum developer in the link described it as “a really close shave”. []( [](
7. Here’s a good side-by-side of the size of the ecosystem in the past and now. [](
8. Fortune ran a very positive piece on Cardano today (Aug. 20). [](
9. It looks like the details of the extremely mysterious “Cardano City” project should come to light today. [](
10. The Wall Street Journal runs a Cardano article. [](
11. The COTI/Wolfram/IOHK project to build an NFT Auction Site is now live. [](
12. CNBC runs an article on the effect the grassroots effort to the fix the crypto tax provisions has had on policy makers in Washington, D.C. These policies will affect Cardano and every other crypto. [](
13. Beware of FlanoWallet and Flano Swap!!!!!!!! They are accused of malicious code that harvests your recovery phrase. [](
14. Sebastien confirms that dcSpark is getting a ton of interest from developers wanting to work in Cardano. [](
15. Charles talks about Cardano compliance functionality and confirms that he perceives heavy regulation coming for DeFi in the next 24 months based on EU and US Treasury comments. [](
16. A new John O’Connor interview is scheduled for today (Aug 31). You may want to tune in to get the latest on Cardano’s Africa Operations from the man himself. [](
17. The Public Testnet will be forked to Alonzo today (Sept 1)! [](
18. Some future Cardano dApps have so many followers on twitter that ETH maximalists are publicly expressing their disbelief. [](
19. Even prior to the launch of smart contracts, Cardano is generating quite an impressive amount of transaction fees. [](
20. The Cardano Testnet has now officially forked to Alonzo allowing Plutus smart contracts. We are on track for the mainnet hardfork combinator event on Sept 12th. [](
21. IOHK is changing their delegation process. They will be taking applications from SPOs and asking that they recommend two other pools based on contributions in terms of building, creating, or educating. [](
22. Another signpost for Cardano DeFi projects. Gary Gensler (SEC Head) tells the Financial Times that in his view DeFi platforms have “a fair amount of centralisation” and “[i]t’s a misnomer to say they are just software they put out in the web…” [](
23. Cardano gets positive coverage on French Television for being “ecological”. [](
24. Charles is on CNBC talking about how crypto could be used to resist the Taliban in Afghanistan. [](
25. The first solution for custom Cardano wallet addresses seems to be picking up steam. [](
26. One of Cardano’s competitors continued to have additional “performance degradation” and “instability” issues on it’s mainnet today (Sept 2). []( []( [](
27. The SEC is investigating Uniswap. This is a very big deal! [](
28. Another Japanese exchange appears to be adding ADA on the 7th. [](
29. We are always the github champions (again as of Sept 3). [](
30. Yet another Cardano project drops their account of how they’ve already handled concurrency. [](
31. Here are two other Cardano projects explaining that they’ve already handled concurrency. []( [](
32. Only one more week until smart contracts on mainnet (as of Aug 5)! Get your whiskey ready!
33. IOHK releases a detailed thread on concurrency and upcoming documentation to help quell some of the misinformation currently circulating on this topic. [](
34. Only 5 more days to Alonzo (as of Sept. 7)!
35. Despite all the negative posting about Cardano smart contracts on eUTxO, it ironically looks like some in the ETH community are actually trying to build ETH L2 on UTXO. [](
36. Here’s a great article on Cardano’s Determinism by IOG’s Polina Vinogradova. [](
37. World Mobile has released a new video of towers going up in Zanzibar! [](
38. Charles releases a new video on the Alonzo Update Proposal (on Aug. 7) being submitted so that we can go live on the 12th. He also gives some hints as to his thoughts on the short-term planning of some “flavor of the week” blockchains vs. the long term planning of Cardano. [](
39. Weiss Crypto lays down yet another very positive thread about Cardano. They acknowledge that they can’t see the future of Cardano, but they vehemently reject a lot of the anti-hype. [](
40. Coinbase reveals they received a Wells Notice from the SEC on their crypto loan product. This is relevant for Cardano loan projects. A low professor subsequently posted a takedown of the Coinbase Chief Legal Officer’s view on the SEC notice. []( [](
41. We just saw a record number of daily transactions on Cardano (Sept 7)! [](
42. Messari has updated its “Initial Token Distribution” chart to include a previously missing project and Cardano is still among the very best in the Gen 3 space in terms of broad public coin ownership. [](
43. After lots of criticism of Cardano layer 2 possibilities by ETH maximalists, Vitalik has ironically announced that ETH NFTs need to be moved to layer 2. [](
44. We seem to already have at least five projects who have worked out their approach to eUTxO concurrency. []( [](
45. Here’s the tweet with the link for the Alonzo smart contract launch watch party tomorrow (Sept 12) at 21:30 UTC. This is going to be fun! Enjoy it, guys! [](
46. A Weiss Crypto analyst calls the smart contract launch an alleged event and also doesn’t realize we already have NFTS. The Cardano community was quick to correct the analyst. Weiss was then also quick to apologize. []( [](
47. There is still the mystery of the lobster. Will it end up being connected to a fun smart contract to be launched tomorrow by IOHK? [](
48. Over 100 smart contracts are already running on Cardano Mainnet! [](
49. One of Cardano’s biggest competitors is once again suffering network problems. This time it started out as just being characterized as (more) “instability”, then they started saying that something had caused the blockchain to “start forking”. This followed their September 2 “instability” and “performance degradation” event. It’ll be interesting to see how well their community tolerates this in the future if it’s happening with their planned slashing model in effect. []( []( [](
50. The Cardano Foundation subtly hints (okay just straight up says) it has some mindblowing partnerships to announce at the Cardano Summit. [](
51. Gary Gensler says that there are probably many tokens traded on Coinbase that are securities. [](
52. Looks like Cardano Summit segments are being recorded and completed. [](
53. In macro news that could impact Cardano & all of crypto, it has been announced that China’s Evergrande Group will not be able to make interest payments on its loans in a few days.[]( [](
54. It looks like we’ll get some news about further collaboration with Baia’s Wine of Georgia at the Cardano Summit. [](
55. Now one of Cardano’s most highly visible critics is implying that the Cardano community has something in common with anti-vaxxers. Unfortunately for him, it was one of his pet blockchains that was down a few days ago while Cardano just kept healthily trucking right along. [](
56. Cardano is still crushing it in terms of daily transaction volume. [](
57. We might have gotten a peek at the virtual world that will be part of the Cardano Summit this month. [](
58. Smaug gives us a rundown of how many actual Plutus scripts (19)are running on mainnet vs. timelock scripts (21k) as of Sept 17 and explains simple definitions for both. But, he also mentions down below how many Plutus scripts (213) are reportedly running on “the main testnet” not counting “other Alonzo testnets”. [](
59. The weekly IOHK development update is out for Sept 17. [](
60. Now the TX and NJ state securities regulators are after Celsius for crypto loans (BlockFi already got this treatment). Cardano loan projects should probably take note. []( [](
61. After the Senate hearing on Tuesday September 14th, Gary Gensler (SEC Chairman) gave a quote to a crypto publication indicating that custodial lending and possibly even staking platforms might be considered securities. This is very relevant for Cardano since it has non-custodial staking whereas many of its competitors have the kind of custodial staking that Gensler may have been contemplating. [](
62. New IOHK blog entry on Hydra (Sept 17)! [](
63. It looks like we may get an announcement of a new Cardano/COTI product at the Summit. [](
64. We’re inching closer to the 500 votes required to name the lobster. [](
65. Here’s a great description from Sebastien on where ADA staking rewards come from. [](
66. Apparently the SEC is now serving crypto people at crypto conferences. Gensler is getting serious. []( [](
67. Accusations of wash trading surface in the Cardano NFT scene. [](
68. Christine Lagarde (European Central Bank President) goes on the offensive and tries to tell the world that cryptocurrencies are not currencies. [](
69. DIGI tweets out a great infographic explaining how Hydra layer two solution works. [](
70. Senators Lummis & Sinema are planning to introduce a bill for responsible innovation in crypto. Caitlin Long says it will focus on (1) definitions to clarify regulatory jurisdiction, (2) consumer protection, (3) digital asset custody requirements [](
71. The Hoskinson Center for Formal Mathematics has been established at Carnegie Mellon. Given the blockchain activity at the university it seems like the Cardano founder having ties there can’t really hurt us. [](
72. dcSpark is launching a new wallet called Flint that will be able to interact with Cardano dApps. []( [](
73. The AWS Exec has clarified his tweet about the Cardano Summit to express that people shouldn’t read too much into it. [](
74. There’s a fresh blog and video on the Cardano Smart Contract Certification standards and new Plutus dApp Store. [](
75. Apparently RuntimeVerification is now in the Cardano audit business! This is awesome to see! We’’ll take some NASA mission-critical level auditing for our ecosystem’s projects. [](
76. The Summit Agenda is now out. [](
77. dcSpark’s new open source project Fracada will allow you to fractionalize NFTs. [](
78. dcSpark has released Fracada which is an open source Plutus dApp for fractionalizing NFTs. [](
79. The Wall Street Journal runs a Cardano 101 type video on their main youtube channel. [](
80. Senator Toomey and SEC Chair Powell have an interesting exchange about how a US CBDC should be formulated and how it should be sharing the space with private cryptos. [](
81. As promised at the Cardano Summit, Emurgo has already made seed investments into Milkomeda from dcSpark, Adanian Labs, & ADAverse. [](
82. The ecosystem map continues getting bigger and bigger (Sept 29). [](
83. dcSpark has dropped a new video explaining Fracada and the future of NFTs. [](
84. The CFTC hits Kraken with a $1.25 Million fine for it’s margin products. Cardano DeFi projects planning to offer some kind of margin trading take note. [](
85. In late 2008/early 2009 it turns out Hal Finney was learning Haskell and trying to figure out how to reduce C02 emissions from a (future) widely used Bitcoin. That sounds a lot like Cardano. [](
86. Adam Dean gives us a great post-mortem on the network load created yesterday by the NFT drop(s). [](
87. Wow! It’s looking like Meld has landed a partnership with a mobile provider in Nigeria with nine million customers. Not many details out at this point (Sept 30). But, that certainly sounds like it could be gigantic. [](
88. Two factor authentication via SMS once again turns out to be a bad bet. [](
89. Grayscale releases a report on Cardano which shocks many due to its (actually) fair reporting. []( [](
90. The Wall Street Journal has dropped a video on stablecoins. A lot of the video surrounds the Tether dollar reserve controversy. It’s notable that Cardano’s Djed solves this. [](
91. The Biden Administration has announced they are investigating the prospect of regulating stablecoin providers like banks. [](
92. Cardano users on twitter piece together that Charles was talking about visiting [u/Pezesha_Africa]( (in regard to microfinance) in Kenya. This is big because Pezesha operates in countries with a combined population of over $300MM. [](
93. Crypto twitter users try to depict US Whitehouse comments out of context to fuel an economic doom narrative. However, if you listen to the whole press briefing, you will understand that these comments were based on a “what if” scenario involving the US debt ceiling somehow not being raised. [](
94. The so-called “Pandora Papers” reveal globally widespread cases of wealth concealment by public officials and bring up the question of whether blockchains like Cardano should take this into account when dealing with nation-state regimes as partners. [](
95. Remember! There is no mobile Daedalus wallet. There is no browser extension version of Daedalus. These are fakes! They will steal your ADA. [](
96. A human readable address project is launching on Cardano on Saturday at 4pm UTC.[](
97. Brazil is looking to follow the El Salvador example and accept crypto as legal tender with a new bill to be voted within days. While the crypto in question is BTC and not ADA, we can hope that the biggest market cap project is just our gateway drug. [](
98. The “Zombie Lobster” collaboration between Charles Hoskinson and Paul Oakenfold is actually getting coverage by the EDM media outlets! [](
99. Sounds like we are getting close to the Cardano Summit NFT winners being announced. It’s still unclear how many actual winners there will be. [](
100. dcSpark releases some mockups from the experimental version of its upcoming Flint Wallet. The mockups seem to indicate that the wallet will allow for dApp interaction from hardware wallets. [](
101. Charles is interviewed in the Harvard International Review. [](
102. We now have a PAB (Plutus Application Backend) pre-release. Hopefully that means PAB soon! [](
103. The Biden Administration has revealed that it is considering an executive order to establish a government wide approach to crypto regulation. [](
104. The New York Times is now talking about the difficult balancing act the Fed has before it with high inflation and less than promising jobs data creating conflicting priorities. [](
105. Representative Tom Emmer clashes with SEC Head Gensler over the direction of crypto regulation. However, it’s unclear how much Rep. Emmer’s solution (his Securities Clarity Act bill) would solve the problem given that it only relieves issuers of securities regulation burdens after they have already complied with the “registration or exemption” hurdle. []( [](
106. Caitlin Long revisits the articles she wrote years ago about fears of circulation credit in crypto markets. Spoiler: it came and crypto did it to itself. [](
107. COTI is a licensed payment institution in Singapore. This could get very interesting given their status as the issuer of Djed and the ongoing Monetary Authority of Singapore Blockchain Challenge in which Cardano is a finalist. [](
108. Goldman says Evergrande is nothing compared to the potential $8.2 Trillion problem with local government financing vehicles in China. []( [](
109. Cardano isn’t wrong about Africa. It’s just first. Google is investing $1 Billion in African internet access over the next five years. []( [](
110. SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce (cryptomom) delivers an opinion piece that investors should be allowed to make their own decisions without SEC paternalism. [](
111. COTI has another AMA that reveals there may be more news soon for Djed. [](
112. Heads up: scammers are posing as Yoroi support staff! [](

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