Cardano Rumor Rundown November 24, 2021

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Newly covered today:

1. It looks like we’re getting a block size increase and a plutus script memory increase on December 1, 2021. []( [](
2. Pavia has partnered with ReadyPlayerMe so that you can build your own avatar. [](
3. Charles drops a video on the eToro delisting. It sounds like IOHK knew nothing about this. Interacting with exchanges falls in the Cardano Foundation’s wheelhouse. It’s unclear whether the CF knew anything. He also pointed out it’s very interesting that an old line exchange like Bitstamp has decided to LIST Cardano during this same period. Charles also mentioned that they haven’t seen any regulatory activity on IOHK’s end. eToro is a relatively small source of liquidity for Cardano and there shouldn’t be much of an impact. [](
4. The Pavia map is expanding on Wednesday, Nov. 24th at 1500 UTC with a second land sale. [](

Previously Covered but still interesting:

1. People are buying luxury real estate in Portugal with Cardano. [](
2. Over 292,000 votes were cast in Catalyst Fund 6. [](
3. IOHK announces a partnership with Bondly to create an NFT bridge so that users can move their non-fungible tokens back and forth between Cardano and Ethereum. [](
4. Interesting small thread on how further stumbles by the Chinese economy could affect the global economy which in turn might impact crypto and Cardano. [](
5. Here’s a very nice overview of the Maladex Whitepaper by ADA Whale that breaks down the hidden strengths of eUTxO for DeFi including programmable swaps composability. [](
6. The Cardano ecosystem maps are getting so big and dense that they can’t even display logos for the projects anymore. [](
7. There is a report that unstaked ADA is at an all time low of under 8MM ADA. [](
8. Check out this medium article explaining the validator underlying the Spacebudz Market. It’s very elegantly and concisely explained if you have no Haskell/Plutus understanding. It’s even more interesting if you have a tiny bit of understanding of Haskell. [](
9. Atala Prism named a top 50 Most Influential Project by PMI. [](
10. Pavia Game Jam is coming. It sounds like they are looking to hire some Unity (game engine) developers and 3D artists. This produce interesting results in a few years. [](
11. Charles is releasing some images of meetings with heads of state on his Africa tour. []( [](
12. There is currently ongoing discussion about the possibility of unexpected tax liability from participation in even Fair Initial Stake Pool Offerings where there are accompanying Initial Dex Offerings. There is even discussion about the potential of exploits that could amplify this unexpected tax liability for all participants. []( [](
13. We now have a memorandum of understanding with Burundi! [](
14. Fans of certain other Gen 3 blockchains are still getting hilariously worked up when they are confronted with the Messari chart on massive VC ownership of their blockchains. [](
15. The new IOG stake pool delegations are out. [](
16. Cardano Fans is putting out some really good pieces posed as “Conversations with a Junior Blockchain Developer”. Very educational on the technical advantages of Cardano over other Gen 3 blockchains. [](
17. ETH based platforms are still not faring well at NOT losing the money of users. [](
18. dcSpark is making progress on the Milkomeda sidechain. ADA transitions from Cardano testnet to Milkomeda testnet now working. [](
19. The stark differences between being a validator on ETH and a Cardano validator are once again put on full display. [](
20. There’s a new Djed explainer video out now from IOHK. [](
21. Cardano 360 October Edition is now out and available! [](
22. The crypto time traveler is back after many months of being gone (i.e. purportedly being in the future). His first prediction after returning was about big news and a crown which was later revealed to concern the health of the Queen. His second prediction was about Cardano and gigantic success. [](
23. Charles was at the Ethiopian Ministry of Education today. He reports that the onboarding of the five million students is on track. [](
24. The Ministry of Finance of Ethiopia has posted pics of the Cardano team meeting with them! This is an interesting turn of events. The ministry posted about a “readiness to incorporate avant-garde technology in areas of[ #Agri]( Tech, logistics, and digitization”. [](
25. There is a new IOHK blog entry on Mithril. [](
26. You might have missed this IOHK blog entry on how dApp certification will be incorporated into the new light wallet (I know I did). [](
27. The Cardano dApp Store is looking like it’s going to be amazing. Curation & certification without gatekeeping is a great solution to preserve decentralization and maintain censorship resistance. [](
28. There’s also a new update on Crypto Bisons! [](
29. Charles released a new AMA from Ethiopia! [](
30. The U.S. President’s Working Group on Financial markets has published its Stablecoin Report. No surprise: they want to regulate stablecoin issuers as insured depository institutions with federal supervisors and to curtail their affiliation with commercial entities. They also want to curtail such affiliations for custodial wallet providers. [](
31. It turns out there are some big chain reorg vulnerabilities in ETH 2.0. []( But, maybe ETH has already got fixes planned? [](
32. A partnership among World Mobile, IOHK, and Zanzibar has been announced! It’s a five year plan that focuses on education, eGov solutions, the Blue Economy (sustainable fisheries), replicating the Blue Economy model in tourism | agriculture | & telecommunications. [](
33. Alessandro has a great idea (multi-sig) to improve NFT drops over his original model that is now used by pretty much everybody! This would help mitigate the hassle of refunds and reduce some congestion. [](
34. It feels crazy that we have over 2 million Cardano wallets out there these days. Our small ecosystem has become a gigantic one. [](
35. The Plutus Application Backend integration process has begun! [](
36. Pavia has revealed proposals for parcel size in their metaverse. [](
37. Mark Stopka takes everyone to school on how “pool extractable value” can still be a thing in Cardano if dApp Developers don’t plan for designs that prevent it. [](
38. Nami Wallet will soon support hardware wallets! [](
39. SundaeSwap has unveiled its own concurrency solution. [](
40. A University of Virginia School of Law lecturer outlines a crypto related “hidden felony” in the Infrastructure Bill. [](
41. IOG drops it’s Sustainability Report. [](
42. We get a view of what can actually be built on a Pavia single Parcel and news that the Pavia Map v.2 will launch soon with wallet linking and custom images. []( [](
43. The Plutus Application Backend (PAB) Beta has been released! Developers of Cardano dApps can now begin experimenting on the testnet! This is a big milestone! [](
44. Apparently Cardano’s transaction volume just last month in October was double all of 2020!?! [](
45. Looks like Cardano (at least the logo) made the cover of the Economist?!?! [](
46. We just saw an instance of Yoroi wallet dApp Connector integration! [](
47. We saw an all time high of +61k native assets issued on Cardano in one day recently! [](
48. World Mobile just dropped a great video documenting the IOHK/World Mobile/Zanzibar visit. [](
49. It looks like Zimbabwe is looking into crypto adoption! [](
50. Apparently, there’s a new partnership between COTI and the Cardano Foundation. Sounds like we’ll hear details on November 10. [](
51. There is a Spacebudz ad running on the Nasdaq screen in Times Square right now (November 8-14). [](
52. The IOHK Haskell course in Ghana will include 80 students! [](
53. A new Cardano NFT store has sprung up mentioning smart contract support and royalties for creators. [](
54. Terra Virtua is saying we’ll have our Cardano Summit 2021 NFTs by November 10th. [](
55. COTI is now talking about news of an IOHK Partnership to be announced on Nov. 10 in addition to the previous announcement of an announcement of the new Cardano Foundation partnership slated to be announced Nov. 10 6pm UTC. [](
56. Here’s a beautiful thread explaining how one of Cardano’s big competitor’s tps claims may be HIGHLY misleading. [](
57. The Galaxy Digital paper on Gen 3 blockchains is out. I think some may definitely take issue with their description of the capabilities of eUTxO smart contracts in the Cardano section. [](
58. The Catalyst Natives program rolls out with a COTI ADAPay challenge to develop ADAPay plugins for medium & small businesses. [](
59. The “Director of Ops” of ENS Domains runs a poll about whether or not ENS Domains or Cardano has more utility. At writing, over 30k voters had surprised him with the answer he didn’t expect.. [](
60. IOHK drops a blog entry on optimizing network performance. [](
61. Looks like we’ll be getting both the PAB & the ERC-20 Converter in the “next several weeks”. [](
62. In macro news that could affect Cardano and all of crypto 30 year treasury bonds went vertical, and news of the +6% inflation in the US broke widely. [](
63. World Mobile dropped a nice youtube AMA for us. Very interesting details came up about Microsoft Airband, Google Project X, and Project Taara. [](
64. Weiss highlights that Cardano addresses participating in staking have grown by 100k in two months. [](
65. The Cardano Summit 2021 Terra Virtua NFTs have arrived. Check your inventory if you did all the tasks in the Summit’s virtual worlds. [](
66. Pavia dropped a more detailed roadmap with live events scheduled for the plaza in Q3 2022. [](
67. Charles is back in Colorado and has dropped a full AMA. [](
68. The November mid-month IOHK Development Update is now out! [](
69. Seeing reports that Cardano’s 24 hour volume recently exceeded Ethereum! [](
70. We’ve seen a very nice and steady rise in transactions over the last 15 days! [](
71. The January Haskell class in Ghana will include 80 students! [](
72. IOHK has dropped their new article on eUTxO dApp architecture. It explains in detail a design for an eUTxO order book. [](
73. Apparently we saw over 1MM transactions in Epoch 302. [](
74. Looks like Cardano is seeing a huge amount of on-chain activity. The crazy part is this is all pre-PAB. Just wait until dApps can actually launch! Unsurprisingly, some supporters of other chains were shocked to realize they didn’t understand the difference between exchange trading volume and actual blockchain use volume. []( [](
75. Charles drops a short regulatory update letting us know about the proposed bill to fix the highly faulty Infrastructure Bill language and another new bill to lay out a pro-crypto comprehensive regulatory framework for crypto (including definitions for utility coins). [](
76. Here’s the announcement and the bill from Senators Lummis & Wyden to fix the bad crypto language in the Infrastructure Bill. []( [](
77. Senator Lummis reveals that she is working on a big crypto bill as expected. [](
78. CIP-0030 Related to the dApp Connector has been merged. [](
79. Be aware that fake stakepools are a thing! [](
80. Here is the coming onslaught of Cardano dApps summed up in just six lines. [](
81. Pavia says they will drop the extended land map next week and that it will include some new land types. [](
82. The smaller “fix-it” bill that would attempt to remedy the bad crypto language in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill has now been introduced in the House of Representatives. [](
83. Charles says input endorsers can improve the performance of the base layer by a factor of 20-40x!!!! [](
84. runs a positive Motley Fool article on Cardano. [](
85. The updated list of Cardano researchers now numbers 152. [](
86. A new wallet has been announced. [](
87. Charles dropped a new AMA where he mentioned very briefly that they are actually going to look into read-only UTxOs. If it’s possible to have these types of UTxOs while preserving determinism, it would be a big change since transactions must currently consume inputs. []( Some background reading on read-only UTxOs: [](
88. Apparently, we have surpassed 20MM transactions on the Cardano network. [](
89. World Mobile gives a peek at their aerostat hanger where they will launch balloons to connect the unconnected in Africa. [](
90. Pavia has dropped some very cool images of their avatars (or at least “background characters”). [](
91. Remember, Cardano 360 is the last Thursday of every month. That means this Thursday, November 25th! [](
92. Jerome Powell is named to a second term as Chairman of the Federal Reserve. [](
93. We got another Plutus Application Backend (PAB) release today (11.22)! [](
94. CMC is now showing Cardano native assets! [](

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