Cardano Rumor Rundown June 27, 2022

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Newly covered today:

1. It looks like the LIDO community has overwhelmingly voted to NOT self-limit their control of Ethereum PoS delegation. This is a blow to decentralization in ETH when compared to a blockchain like Cardano. [](
2. IOG has released Cardano Node 1.35.0 which will be the final candidate for the Vasil mainnet hardfork! [](
3. The 3AC contagion seems to be wiping out all the big centralized crypto lenders. The last link explains some very general concepts about the liquidations and restructuring that might be in store for these entities. []( []( [](
4. Virtua gave us a little overhead glimpse of Cardano island. [](

Previously Covered but still interesting:

1. Cointelegraph writes an entire article about the need for mass adoption of liquid staking and manages to avoid mentioning that it’s already alive and well for some time in Cardano. [](
2. Pavia gives us a peek at a mystery building. Is it a garage? A hanger? An incinerator? [](
3. The Pavia Builder Tool is coming in June! [](
4. Algorand appears to be suffering collective insanity as they consider giving their DeFi projects double votes in governance elections. [](
5. Don’t forget, yesterday was the day that Laszlo traded 10k bitcoins for a couple of pizzas twelve years ago. [](
6. It looks like South Korea is trying to find deep pockets to compensate Luna holders and may hold the exchanges responsible. []( President Christine Lagarde says crypto assets are “worth nothing” and “based on nothing.” She also revealed her son had bad luck in crypto. I’m sure he appreciates his mom putting him on blast to the entire world like that. [](
7. Indigo has dropped an infographic to help describe the three phases of their token distribution. [](
8. Cornucopias will have their second NFT Tree sale today (May 25). This time, it will be fruit trees. [](
9. Apparently it’s admitted history that the Polkadot consensus protocol was coded up in two weeks. [](
10. Charles is in DC for the Blockchain Summit 2022 to see if he can make any progress with the regulators. He reports that Senators Lummis & Gillibrand will release their comprehensive crypto bill in June. []( [](
11. DC points out a great thread on sound protocol design in DeFi. This includes tips on when it’s a ponzi and when you are the exit liquidity. []( [](
12. Today (the 26th) will be the May Cardano 360. [](
13. There is now a replacement for db-sync called Carp. [](
14. World Mobile is now advertising air nodes to local entrepreneurs in Zanzibar. [](
15. The future is looking…let’s call it…“interesting” for Ethereum 2.0. The beacon chain just experienced a 7 block reorg. Not a huge amount of time encompassed in those 7 blocks…but still a reorg. [](
16. Apparently some projects are more up front about “exploiting young talent”. [](
17. We now have dates on the first Cornucopias Land Mint June 3-7. [](
18. Shahaf Bar-Geffen of COTI was quoted in a Forbes article on the UST/Luna Terra implosion. [](
19. Having little buddies for the player is becoming a common theme in Cardano metaverse projects. Pavia has Pavs and Carda Station has ADA Minions. Here’s the very well done video announcing ADA Minions in Carda Station. [](
20. Paul did a great interview with the Cornucopias team and revealed some additional new details on the upcoming land sale. [](
21. IOHK made a documentary about their visit to the Ukraine/Poland border area. [](
22. ADA Realm and their partner Actum Games have released a VR walkthrough of ADA Realm Island. [](
23. Cornucopias has released info on their long awaited land sale. []( They’ve also released beautiful Unreal Engine 5 video highlighting some lands in their virtual world. []( Finally, there was a new Copi Cafe with additional land details.
24. Charles gave us a nice detailed report on his lobbying trip to DC. [](
25. The May Cardano 360 is out! [](
26. Pavia also released another Q&A video. [](
27. Carda Station has just announced new indoor avatars (for when you’re not wearing the space suit). []( They also announced a mint for new lands where some kind of commercial activity may be possible. [](
28. Pavia just shared this very mysterious video with a spaceman holding a flag. [](
29. Charles hosted a “Memorial Day Chat with Charles” Twitter space. [](
30. Cornucopias has repriced their land mint with the largest plot now going for $1k. This is probably going to make it even more difficult to actually acquire plots. []( [](
31. IOHK has released an article about why eUTxO (e.g. Cardano) is so much better than EVM (e.g. Ethereum) for predicting impermanent loss. Two big eUTxO advantages to understand here relate to concentrated liquidity and fee determinism. [](
32. The rest of the crypto space has suddenly noticed that 5 million NFTs have been minted on Cardano. [](
33. In light of all the uncertainty around algorithmic stablecoins lately, COTI has created a Djed FAQ. [](
34. Ethereum outdid itself in May with 1.2 million failed transactions. That’s a lot of lost gas fees. [](
35. GeroWallet announces that they are working with a major TV network that is putting out NFTs on Cardano in the next few weeks. Is this DISH? [](
36. A Georgetown Law Professor has co-authored a work on what “legal wrapper” is best for your DAO in various circumstances including a great alternative to the oft used Swiss Foundation/Tripartite Structure . This level of published detailed direction for DAOs is long overdue. [](
37. Pavia has a new partnership related to an “NFT Bridge”. [](
38. Solana once again decided to surprise no one by going down. However, this time even mainstream media appears to be subtly mocking them for the many outages and restarts. []( [](
39. Cornucopias has released a full deck on their land sale. [](
40. Another great thread from Sooraj. This time on the “marriage made in Hell” that is the Ethereum account balance system + Solidity. [](
41. IOHK has released a Basic Cardano Onboarding Guide and they would like the community’s help to make it even better. [](
42. Ethereum is still facing significant potential challenges with complexity overload, the full spectrum of MEV, Cartelization of the network due to liquid staking derivative platforms, attack surface related to slot leader schedule, the history of PoW validators actually being the same people hiding under multiple different pool names, and other forms of centralization. You can hear ETH devs discussing these issues here in this podcast put up a few days ago:[](
43. Specifically on the danger of cartelization of the network, it looks like Ethereum’s choice of slashing in their proof-of-stake model has created this ripple effect problem via derivatization of staked assets in platforms like Lido that creates this potential for cartelization of the network. Here an Ethereum foundation researcher details those risks. [](
44. Here’s a new Cardano 360 update on the big things World Mobile is doing. [](
45. New York lawmakers just passed a bill to ban crypto mining related to carbon based sources. It’s been obvious this was coming for a while ever since the reports of mining operations dumping hot waste water into the finger lakes and affecting the ecology. In a place like New York, that kind of thing won’t go unnoticed. []( [](
46. Reports are also coming in that the Biden Administration crypto plans due in August will target Bitcoin and other proof-of-work chains over their “sky high” energy consumption. I think we all knew this would eventually come despite the wide spectrum of clever rationalizations regarding Bitcoin’s energy use by its maximalists. [](
47. Coinbase is really slamming the brakes on growth. They’re actually rescinding employment offers right now due to the “macro environment”. [](
48. Apparently Martin Lawrence is bringing an NFT series to Cardano? [](
49. Here’s a great thread from [u/sobizR]( revealing the strong trend toward centralization in Ethereum proof-of-stake with a current minimum attack vector of only 3! [](
50. Coincidentally, it looks like the MAV in Bitcoin is also currently 3! [](
51. Today (June 7), we may get the Lummis-Gillibrand Comprehensive Crypto Bill. Even if it has only a very low chance of getting a foothold, it may be a good indicator of the potential for positive regulatory treatment of cryptocurrencies to come down the road. []( [](
52. It sounds like Carda Station is minting the land under their central dome today (June 8). [](
53. Bitcoin maximalists REALLY don’t like this data about how concentrated Bitcoin mining was in the early days. []( []( [](
54. Binance now finds itself under the SEC microscope. Is anybody surprised by this? The sale of atoken related to the most notoriously centralized large cap blockchain that is also related to a giant company running a giant unregulated token exchange might not pass the Howey Test? Clutch your pearls immediately. []( [](
55. The Lummis-Gillibrand Responsible Financial Innovation Act has finally been introduced into the US Senate. [](
56. Several mainstream media outlets are reporting that there was a press call with “people familiar with the drafting of the bill” where Cardano was mentioned as falling under the “ancillary asset” category in the Lummis-Gillibrand Bill. Fortunately, it is actually the courts who get to interpret law (when it’s actually passed) in the US and not anonymous people on press calls. []( [](
57. Here’s a video from Charles on the Lummis-Gillibrand Bill. [](
58. Caitlin Long’s Custodia Bank is finally suing the Federal Reserve to get a master account. [](
59. Solana gets a terrible technical risk score from DefiSafety due to its downtime. [](
60. IOG has begun unveiling its long awaited new light wallet, Lace! [](
61. By all accounts, the Cardano event at Consensys was massive and thoroughly enjoyed by all. []( []( []( []( [](
62. Here’s the livestream of Charles’ fireside chat at DcentralCon. [](
63. Coti is now listed on Kraken (June 9). [](
64. Dish is launching a decentralized identity and loyalty coin system through Atala and Cardano.
65. Ethereum’s Ropsten testnet goes to PoS. Shortly thereafter: “We do have some missing block proposals”. [](
66. Apparently there is going to be a “Cardano Island” metaverse for our Cardano Summit 2021 NFTs? [](
67. Lido’s staked Ethereum derivative (stETH) depegged from ETH causing concerns over the solvency of a centralized crypto lending platforms (June 11). []( [](
68. IOG has released the EVM sidechain alpha (June 10). [](
69. IOG’s new Lace light wallet will include a dApp store with dApp certification. [](
70. Interesting questions and responses are posted regarding the security of the IOG EVM sidechain in relation to that of Milkomeda. []( [](
71. Our own Whale makes a good point in that in the Island/Pond/Ocean analogy, it’s much better to have one foot in the ocean than in the financially toxic pond right now as the Celsius related events unfold. [](
72. Celsius is having a very very bad month. [](
73. Three Arrows Capital is also having a very, very bad month. [](
74. Charles has been asked to speak before the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Agriculture. This is an important committee for crypto since they have subcommittees that deal with things like commodities exchanges and they hold hearings with names like “The Future of Digital Asset Regulation”. []( [](
75. A Solana protocol just voted to take over a whale’s account so that they can liquidate the whale’s position via OTC markets to avoid open market liquidation. Does anyone think this is how it’s supposed to work in DECENTRALIZED finance? []( []( [](
76. The ADA Realm heatmap is back in action with some new and improved features. [](
77. Ardana clarifies the status of its treasury in light of the Three Arrows Capital revelations. [](
78. In the recent CopiCafe there was mention of “land staking…coming soon”. Land staking is also mentioned in the Cornucopias CopiWiki. [](
79. The Vasil hardfork combinator event has been pushed back to the last week of July. No big deal. Just more time on testnet for the dApp developers to work on integrating the new Vasil tools into their platforms. [](
80. On-chain voting for governance initiatives is beginning to sprout in Cardano via Voteaire. []( [](
81. Here’s the first clip of actual gameplay from Cornucopias. [](
82. Here’s a look at some of the buildings that will be available on Virtua’s Cardano Island. [](
83. Dirk Hohndel, Chief Open Source Officer at IOHK sat down for a fireside chat with Linus Torvalds. [](
84. A video alleging possible hidden Nazi symbolism in BAYC (the biggest NFT collection in crypto) is provoking discussion. []( [](
85. A Cloudflare outage knocked out big chunks of the internet and a lot of crypto dApps with it. []( [](
86. Here’s the link for the hearing with Charles before the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Agriculture. [](
87. We have now reached the stage where people are mortgaging their Pavia parcels to access the liquidity. [](
88. Cardano is now a Gold Member of the Linux Foundation. [](
89. One of the biggest crypto youtubers seems to be really mad about a social media exchange with a Cardano Ambassador. []( []( [](
90. MinSwap appears to be asking its community to decide on issues around revenue sharing. [](
91. The EVM world gets confronted with the possibility that eUTxO might bring some new solutions to the table on the impermanent loss issue. [](
92. Here’s the video of Charles testifying before Congress! [](
93. There will be a World Mobile & Charles AMA next week on Tuesday, June 28th! [](
94. Pavia has revealed that the mysterious structure image they posted is actually the gigantic entrance to the stadium. [](
95. The Robbery Forest continues doing its thing with yet another $100MM hack. This time it’s the Harmony Horizon bridge. YAY for interoperability!!!! [](

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