Cardano Rumor Rundown January 3, 2022

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Newly covered today:

1. DeFi Llama is now tracking Cardano and also MuesliSwap. []( [](
2. It looks like fractional NFT trading may be a thing sooner than we think! [](
3. Cardano will soon have over one dozen NFT markets. [](
4. Charles dropped a giant whiteboard video on dApp Development. [](

Previously Covered but still interesting:

1. Charles drops a video about the Caravan moving on despite any FUD (like eToro) that temporarily emerges. [](
2. The Pavia second land sale saw demand vastly outstrip supply to become (reportedly) the biggest Cardano NFT drop ever. []( [](
3. World Mobile got some positive coverage in Tech Crunch! [](
4. Looks like COTI’s Djed project has teamed up with SundaeSwap. [](
5. The minutes from the Fed’s November FOMC meeting have been published and indicate they are ready to taper asset purchases and raise rates to combat inflation. Some members felt even faster tapering than is currently planned is warranted. These are impactful revelations for crypto. [](
6. IOHK drops a new article on a tiered transaction fee system that would still preserve determinism. [](
7. Here’s a good concise tweetstorm inspired by the Raul Pal/ Breedlove conversation about how the last 100 or so years led us here to this macro environment and crypto. [](
8. Interesting discussion of the SundaeSwap ISO, the Scooper Model, and decentralization. [](
9. John O’Connor drops an IOHK article on “RealFi” including thoughts on the ramifications of validated identity for uncollateralized loans in markets like Kenya and the projects in Ethiopia and Zanzibar. [](
10. The Cardano dApp ecosystem maps continue to grow to silly proportions. [](
11. There is at least one “Cardano” baby. Is this the first or have there been others? [](
12. The % of total ADA staked is still over 71% (11.29). [](
13. The Cardano Community takes a moment to enjoy contemplating the circumstance that there will never need to be a “magical Cardano 2” in order for our blockchain to survive. [](
14. There are three new Cardano Improvement Proposals (CIPs) related to Plutus and the dev experience. [](
15. Strong words from Philip Wadler on why Solidity is so terrible for smart contracts. [](
16. Interesting point by Charles regarding Cardano having the expressiveness of Ethereum and the attack surface of Bitcoin. [](
17. It looks like there is another Cardano project that says it will attempt to increase connectivity in sub-Saharan Africa. [](
18. Charles dropped a video with his thoughts on ISPO’s and regulatory issues. []( Whale makes a very good point about Cardano inflation vs. almost all of it’s competitors. [](
19. Sundaeswap is planning to hit the testnet this weekend. [](
20. We are approaching 1 million staked addresses! [](
21. ADA Whale drops a Top 50 Cardano dApps list. [](
22. Yet another hack has occurred in Ethereum DeFi. This one is being listed at $31MM. [](
23. Cardano increased it’s blocksize and Plutus Script Memory yesterday (12.1.21)! [](
24. Looks like more theft in ETH DeFi (“Robbery Forest”). Reports coming in that Badger DAO has lost $120MM. [](
25. Liqwid has announced that they are integrating Chainlink price feeds. [](
26. IOHK drops a new video with Pi Lanningham of SundaeSwap regarding the tools that SundaeSwap has open sourced as part of its approach to launch. [](
27. Cardano has reached one million wallets staked. [](
28. Cardano still remains secure. Meanwhile a gigantic bug in Solana that could have been exploited for six months was reported. [](
29. Robbery Forest can’t seem to go a day without doing its thing. This time it was apparently $150 million. [](
30. SundaeSwap went live on testnet with a faucet for free testnet ADA and various ice cream flavored free testnet tokens. All compatible with Nami. [](
31. ADA Handles were a surprise integration into the SundaeSwap Testnet! [](
32. The testnet proved valuable quickly as some improvements were identified with the scooper and they were taken offline to make those changes. [](
33. Here is a beautiful illustration of massive concurrency in action on Cardano’s testnet! [](
34. Charles dropped a new AMA! [](
35. In macro news that could affect all of crypto including Cardano, it looks like Evergrande (one of the largest real estate developers in the world) has finally formally defaulted on its debt obligations. While Evergrand has been stumbling for a long time, this event could mark the beginning of a new phase in global economics. []( [](
36. You can now use the Cardano ERC-20 Converter live on testnet with AGIX. [](
37. The Cardano Foundation dropped a fireside chat! [](
38. P2P is now live on the Cardano testnet! This is a busy week for new products launching on testnet! [](
39. The heads of Circle, FTX, Bitfury, Paxos, Stellar Development Foundation, and Coinbase appeared before the House Financial Services Committee. As expected, the questions from some of the House Committee members belied a misplaced focus on things like terrorist financing while others understood the need to regulate crypto appropriately so that crypto innovation is not forced offshore. There was significant focus on stablecoins due to the President’s Working Group placing so much focus there. One representative also chose to focus heavily on the energy consumption of Bitcoin mentioning coal power plants coming back on line to fuel Bitcoin mining. The witnesses from the crypto industry seemed to focus on dispelling misconceptions and also pushing for a single crypto focused regulatory body as opposed to the fragmented regulation that is typical in Washington. [](
40. Rick McCracken makes a great point about Cardano Stake pools losing $0 of delegator money in 2021 while ETH stakepools have apparently lost at least $163 Million. [](
41. There was an AMA about AVOUM on the IOHK discord on 12/09/21. AVOUM would allow for account balance type smart contracts (e.g. as in ETH) on top of the Cardano Blockchain. [](
42. It appears that the number of Plutus scripts running on the Cardano blockchain has more than doubled in the last month. [](
43. Unbelievably, we’re seeing reports that Solana “crashed” again. Another report is chalking it up to a DDOS attack. Apparently, even after block creation was restarted, token distribution was still “halted”. []( [](
44. Fitch calls it official with Evergrande defaulting on $1.2 Billion in foreign debt and Kaisa defaulting on another $400 Million. [](
45. MLabs has released The Plutonomicon a developer driven guide to Plutus. [](
46. In Macro news that could affect Cardano, the Fed is expected to discuss quicker tapering and rate hikes at their Dec. 14 & 15 meeting. [](
47. SundaeSwap releases the TasteTest model for decentralized price setting of tokens prior to launch. Very interesting! [](
48. Liqwid and ADA Handle announce a partnership. [](
49. Reports of Solana outages are becoming so frequent now that it’s almost losing it’s newsworthiness (Dec. 13). [](
50. Dewayne Cameron asks some important questions about the impact of EVM sidechains on the Cardano Ecosystem and gets some interesting reponses. [](
51. IOHK posts a video clip around anti-fragility in our ecosystem. [](
52. Pavia is testing inter-parcel messaging. [](
53. Good reports are coming out from the SPOs who attended the SundaeSwap Scoopers meeting. [](
54. There is now a smart contract option available from so that you can now buy NFTs on their marketplace with any wallet. [](
55. The growth of the Cardano ecosystem seems to be unstoppable! The ecosystem map continues getting huge. [](
56. There is now a wrapped BTC on Cardano project. [](
57. Vacuum Labs has a new joint cardano/solana wallet called NuFi. [](
58. Artifct App is bringing a Moon Metaverse to Cardano with parcels on the near and far side of the moon. They are reporting they used real data from the surface of the moon to render height maps of the actual lunar surface. [](
59. Apparently, Vacuum Labs has been busy. They are also dropping a new Dex! [](
60. Pavia has revealed the “final sections” of the map! [](
61. In macro news that could affect Cardano and all of crypto, the dot plot from the Dec. 14-15 FOMC meeting has been released. [](
62. Check out this crazy photo from a World Mobile aerostat looking like it’s at the edge of sky and space. [](
63. Another Cardano based metaverse has sold out it’s initial landsale. This one is called Ada Realm! [](
64. Looks like the Cardano Mid-month update is finished and will be released Dec. 17 in the evening UTC. [](
65. The Cardano community learns that an employee at Messari has reported holding ADA and #westandwithGarrick is born. [](
66. IOG is promoting use of the #buildingoncardano hashtag as a means to keep track of all the Cardano projects. [](
67. Komodo has joined the UTxO alliance along with Cardano (& IOG), Ergo, Nexos, & Topl. [](
68. The Cardano community takes a moment to realize that beach front villas can be had for ADA in Phuket. [](
69. Pavia has given us a partial reveal of their team. [](
70. The Cardano 360 December mid-Month update gave us some good progress reports on dApp development. [](
71. The ADA Handle beta launch completed with 15,000 human readable addresses minted on the Cardano blockchain. [](
72. There’s a new community built tool for analyzing the Ada Realms metaverse. [](
73. Cardano’s biggest metaverse is already more…uh…decentralized than Decentraland. [](
74. We got another PAB Pre-Release (Dec. 20)! [](
75. There are now automated seller ratings on This means you can tell which sellers habitually fail to send the asset after a sale. [](
76. The end of year Cardano 360 will be going down on 12.30.21! [](
77. A two-day countdown is underway for ADAX Pro. Is it a testnet launch? Mainnet? Reports are that it’s a testnet. No one seems to know much. But it looks like we are getting some kind of holiday surprise. Cardano DeFi is heating up! Soon we’ll be at full boil! [](
78. Very positive coverage from Forbes including a Cardano tracking page! [](
79. The Cardano Foundation shares its 2021 highlights. [](
80. Here’s a great new interview with Micky Watkins of World Mobile and Bullish Dumpling! [](
81. The end of year Cardano 360 will be going down on 12.30.21! [](
82. A two-day countdown is underway for ADAX Pro. Is it a testnet launch? Mainnet? Reports are that it’s a testnet. No one seems to know much. But it looks like we are getting some kind of holiday surprise. Cardano DeFi is heating up! Soon we’ll be at full boil! [](
83. Very positive coverage from Forbes including a Cardano tracking page! [](
84. The Cardano Foundation shares its 2021 highlights. [](
85. Here’s a great new interview with Micky Watkins of World Mobile and Bullish Dumpling! [](
86. Cardano is still destroying competitors in terms of number of validators. [](
87. Tech giants are making posts on social media to highlight the role of venture capital and institutional money in the ecosystem of Cardano’s largest competitor. [](
88. Here’s a great video explaining how World Mobile utilizes the Cardano blockchain. [](
89. Cardano’s biggest metaverse now has over 8,000 wallet holders. [](
90. In case you missed it, here was Charles Xmas eve video. [](
91. Charles dropped a video today (Dec 27) on dApps & the CDA. [](
92. A partnership between World Mobil and Adax has been announced. [](
93. The end of year Cardano 360 will be this Thursday (Dec. 30). [](
94. The SundaeSwap audit by Runtime Verification has been completed! []( [](
95. Emurgo now has an NFT marketplace called Fiborite! [](
96. COTI has announced a Djed x ErgoDex partnership. [](
97. The Yoroi dApp connector is now available on Yoroi nightly. [](
98. There is interesting discussion happening on how custody will actually work with the Liqwid protocol. [](
99. Cardano blockchain insights will soon have count of payments tracking that will be more directly comparable to transaction count in account-balance style blockchains. [](
100. DripDropz has dropped (no pun intended) a new video on how to withdraw your tokens (starting on Jan. 1) along with a few medium articles explaining what they are all about. []( [](
101. The 2021 Wrap Up Cardano 360 is now available. [](
102. Artifct drops a full motion rendering of what walking around on your moon plot might be like. [](
103. The Parade of Defectors has begun. Amazingly, it’s starting with CoinDesk. [](

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