Cardano Rumor Rundown February 23, 2022

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Newly covered today:

1. MuesliSwap has announced that in order “[t]o take some load off the main network until the congestion is resolved” they will be launching an AMM on M1. They say that “means MuesliSwap will operate an order-book DEX on Cardano mainnet and an AMM DEX on the M1 sidechain.” But, don’t worry. They report that “[w]hen the time is right, we will merge both worlds together!” As to liquidity pools on their currently existing DEX, the release says “this also allows us to test liquidity pools, which we plan on adding to our Cardano mainnet DEX in the middle of 2022.” [](
2. The Ardana community call for this week is now available. No announcement on the start date of the ISPO as near as I can tell. But, the call contained interesting discussion of Ardana’s aspirations in relation to global forex markets. [](
3. When will Biden’s Executive Order on crypto be issued given the crisis in Ukraine taking center stage? No one seems to know. We do know that there are reports of discord between the White House and Treasury that may have delayed the order as well. [ ]([](
4. Sam Bankman-Fried enjoyed getting “son’d” by both Jesse Powell of Kraken and Caitlin Long of Avanti Bank after he made some claims of questionable accuracy about crypto cooperation with regulators. []( [](

Previously Covered but still interesting:

1. Apparently, we’re now doing MORE volume than Ethereum all at incredibly smaller transaction fees. [](
2. This article & infographic has everything you will need to explain Cardano scaling efforts over the coming period. [](
3. Apparently someone was able to beat us all in the SundaeSwap order sprint and get two orders into the que a few minutes before the platform was officially opened up for swaps. [](
4. Someone swapped over $7 million today for $2.26 in fees. Amazing blockchain. [](
5. The recording of SundaeSwaps post-launch AMA is now available. [](
6. SundaeSwap has fixed a cancellation bug that was affecting CCVault users and also added more pools to the ISO list. []( [](
7. Alessandro gives us a big update on exactly what was going on with Nami wallet over the last few days (blockfrost mempools full) and how Blockfrost has gone about fixing it (spun up more nodes…30 now…with more mempools). You can also use Nami with your own node if you want. They are impressively nimble to be able to address this in such a short amount of time. [](
8. CCVault also released a new version of their wallet which integrates native collateral setting and explicit enabling of the dApp account you want to use. Both of these items will be warmly welcomed by those using CCVault during the SundaeSwap launch. [](
9. The recording of the recent Liqwid Community Call is available. [](
10. Today is SundaeSwap ISO reward calculation day. Everyone with more than 1 ADA: “Please don’t whale control me, Sundae Bros!” [](
11. Despite all the attention surrounding the SundaeSwap launch. The Cardano community responded extremely positively to this poll regarding MuesliSwap. Muesli is also now listed as an exchange on CMC. []( [](
12. Cardano competitor, Solana, has experienced yet another outage. Was it 24 hours, 48 hours, 72 hours? Who knows. It’s actually getting boring reporting Solana outages. []( [](
13. Things are getting interesting with posts coming out of Cardstarter & SundaeSwap in reference to the recently discussed controversy. The SundaeSwap team seems to be reporting plans for an airdrop of 20 million Sundae tokens to help the situation. Even Charles weighed in on this one. []( []( [](
14. Looks like no SudaeSwap rewards today and no calculator yet (as of writing on Jan. 25). But, there is a calculator coming and the rewards will now be via DripDropz. Discord reports are that the rewards calculator should be in the next day or two. This is probably a big improvement for anyone staking via yoroi. They will also be adding various stats to the pools including queue depth. [](
15. In news that could eventually affect the whole global economy including crypto, things continue to get worse for Evergrande which is one of the biggest companies in a sector that makes up something close to one-third of the second biggest economy in the world. [](
16. In Macro news that could affect crypto and Cardano, this afternoon (Jan. 26) we’ll get the Federal Reserve Policy statement from it’s two-day meeting which is expected to reinforce the markets pricing in four hike rates this year and other policy tightening measures to fight inflation. [](
17. Yesterday (Jan. 25), we saw a Plutus script memory unit per transaction increase. This will help massively with high plutus transaction volumes around our large dApps rolling out this year. [](
18. In the last epoch, 45% of transactions were smart contract interactions. [](
19. Google sheets has decided to bring us real time ADA price feeds in any cell. [](
20. The U.S. Congress attempts to send us another very bad crypto bill in the America Competes Act. This one would allow the Secretary of the Treasury to unilaterally ban crypto from any exchange via “special measures”. This is pushing Charles to consider establishing a crypto PAC. []( []( [](
21. While all the focus this week has been on the recent Sundae mainnet launch, we also have testnets of Minswap DEX and Wingriders up and running. []( [](
22. The FOMC Policy Statement came down today (Jan. 26). Powell talked about moving faster and sooner than they did last time and reaffirmed that rate hikes will be the principal tool of the Fed from meeting to meeting (and happening before any balance sheet runoff) with balance sheet runoff happening more consistently and predictably in the background once it starts. He said the committee is “of a mind” to hike rates at the March meeting. []( []( [](
23. Pavia has decided on a whitelist for their final land sale which will take place in February over several days to reduce chain load. Process to be announced. [](
24. The January Cardano 360 is now available for your viewing pleasure. There’s a nice rundown of how they will scale the L1 in 2022. [](
25. The SEC is amending the definition of “exchange” to include “communication protocols”. The comment period for this rule change will only be 30 days. Hester Peirce has already issued a dissenting statement. The extremely long amendment doesn’t seem to mention crypto, but legal commentators are already discussing the potential for dire consequences if dexes and other DeFi platforms are unable to escape this definition. []( []( [](
26. Muesliswap has changed up it’s fee structure in a way that may end up being very interesting to its token holders. Chris from Muesli also had something to say about the Muesli staking in this recent twitter space recording around 13:35. There will be an article released tomorrow (January 31 with more details. []( [](
27. Here’s some news that could eventually have a big impact on the whole global economy including Crypto and Cardano. As a sign of the deteriorating situation in one of the largest sectors in the second biggest economy in the world, Oaktree Capital of Los Angeles has already moved to seize two large Evergrande assets: the Castle in Hong Kong and the Venice development near Shanghai. [](
28. Meld reports that the Cardano blockchain performed great as they were able to airdrop their tokens to 40k people in 90 minutes. [](
29. ADAX has launched. We now have at least 3 decentralized exchanges in Cardano. [](
30. Today was the launch of the Meld dApp. [](
31. Pavia has added a 3d asset viewer. []( [](
32. The initial info on the MuesliSwap Milk staking has been released. [](
33. SundaeSwap has announced that they’ve fixed the ISO rewards calculator. [](
34. An amendment has been proposed to fix the America Competes Act. [](
35. Sundaeswap released a recap on their launch along with some future plans. [](
36. On Feb 4 we will get a block size increase of 8KB (on top of the current 72KB…so 11%) and a plutus memory unit increase of 1.5M (on top of the current 12.5M…so 12.5%). [](
37. Here’s a very easy to follow thread on how to import MuesliSwap price data directly into your google sheets. Don’t worry. I know that some of you will tell me you’ve already been doing this since 1947. [](
38. Here’s the Cardano Foundation’s January Stats Roundup. [](
39. Here’s a new IOHK blog on pipelining. [](
40. Pavia is going to release a “Vision Paper” detailing the wider scope of their project. [](
41. You can check out which smart contracts are taking top spots on an hourly basis now with Cardano Blockchain Inights from Cardano Fans. [](
42. It looks like Wormhole (an interoperability protocol linking many of our competitors) was just exploited for over $200 million. Meanwhile, the Cardano chart is still showing zero exploits. []( []( []( [](
43. is a new project to allow users API access to stake pool relay nodes for faster transactions. [](
44. We might have a ruling coming down that untraded staking rewards are not taxable until sold!?! [](
45. There’s now a site showing just completed trades from MuesliSwap with volume and price. [](
46. IOG drops a new article about Hydra. [](
47. Kraken listed ADA LONG before Coinbase and once again they have given us a fair (dare I say…very positive) shake in their recent report on Cardano. They also are not being shy about tweeting out some of the best excerpts. Thank you, Kraken!!!! []( [](
48. Daedalus 4.8.0 is out! Remember: Daedalus has no mobile version. Mobile Daedalus is always a SCAM! [](
49. In case you missed it, there are now documents circulating reported to be of the Cardstarter claim against SundaeSwap. [](
50. CCVault now allows for custom submit node to bypass the mempools. [](
51. It looks like are getting some very good transaction times for their users by allowing them to utilize SPO relay nodes to submit their transactions. [](
52. It looks like is offering a solution to the mempool bottleneck similar to [](
53. Here’s an interesting thread from Andrew Westberg on the “Cardano Arms Race” to get transactions on-chain first. [](
54. The “Minotaur: Multi-Resource Blockchain Consensus” paper is now available. This is the one to read to understand how Cardano could be both proof-of-stake and proof-of-work (and maybe many other “PoX” in the future). [](
55. The Pacific island nation of Palau is kicking off an NFT based crypto residency (sort of) program for only $268 that allows you to “use a Palauan business address, apply for a certificate of legal name change, and open online accounts to trade cryptocurrencies”. [](
56. Here’s a very interesting thread mentioning the impact the “Conclave” and “How to Engineer the Revolution” research papers could have on the preservation of decentralization of Stakepools in Cardano. []( []( []( []( [](
57. Yoroi wallet dApp Connector is now live! Sounds like they still need to have the projects integrate it. [](
58. It looks like Sundae ISO rewards will be available on March 1 through DripDropz or in the coming months via some other means if you don’t want to pay the DripDropz fees. [](
59. You can now use your ADA Handle on the Pavia map! The Pavia “Evolving Vision Paper” is also out along with the V3 Roadmap. []( [](
60. Wow! The DOJ finally caught the Bitfinex hackers! [](
61. Apparently, Cardano’s TVL is now at $143 Million! [](
62. The Whitelist for the Pavia 3rd Land Sale is now open! [](
63. Russia is moving to regulate crypto and treat it more like an analog of currency. Many are welcoming this as the first big adoption domino to fall as a compliment to the smaller but earlier nation-state adoption by El Salvador. Very interesting ramifications here as Russia could possibly use Bitcoin as the unit of settlement in it’s petroleum product exports even in the case of exclusion from USD/Euro systems. []( []( [](
64. The world’s largest asset manager with $10 trillion in assets under management, BlackRock, will now offer crypto trading. [](
65. Disney has revealed that the metaverse is one of the topics that is top of mind for them. [](
66. Youtube has plans for NFTs and also group video watching of some type in the metaverse. []( [](
67. The Ledger Live proposal was funded by Catalyst. This will probably make life a little less confusing for newcomers to Cardano who use a Ledger. [](
68. Hester Peirce is pushing for elimination of wealth and income thresholds as part of the accredited investor definition. This would be great for crypto as one of the inconsistencies between crypto and the current securities regulations is the widespread investment by non-accredited investors in crypto projects. [](
69. Cardano Stack Exchange has now graduated from beta. [](
70. Looks like CPI inflation hit 7.5% in January. Not a problem for non-manipulated disinflationary assets like Cardano. Que analysts who will tell us it has nothing to do with the unprecedented levels of money printing. [](
71. Corporate America is definitely hiring for crypto & blockchain related positions. [](
72. The February mid-Month update is now out! [](
73. SundaeSwap is now planning to run a reverse ISO to encourage people to delegate away from the ISO pools and toward single pool operators who received at least one vote in the initial ISO vote. [](
74. Immediately people began lobbying for non-ISO vote getting SPOs to be included as well. [](
75. The biggest DeFi platform on Cardano has now crossed $100MM total value locked. [](
76. Hackernoon publishes an article about the rise of Cardano from a Cardano SPO. [](
77. The SundaeSwap ISO has officially had its last snapshot and this era of Cardano is over (with the Caveat of the previously reported Reverse ISO). [](
78. Ardana will be launching its own ISPO. [](
79. BlockFi has settled with the SEC and state securities regulators for $100MM. But, SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce worries the end result may still be that US retail customers are shut out from BlockFi. This has implications for all crypto lending products. []( []( [](
80. It looks like we are seeing a flow of stake back to single pool operators as expected! [](
81. Here’s the letter where the Jarrett’s declined to accept the IRS’s offer to settle on their case to determine if staking rewards are taxable at inception. [](
82. Even Yahoo finance picked up on Cardano doing more adjusted transaction volume than Bitcoin or Ethereum. [](
83. MuesliSwap has redesigned their featured token page. It’s nice to see some of Cardano’s first big dApps already iterating on design. [](
84. Beware!!! There is a fake DripDropz website out there trying to steal your ADA. [](
85. Cardano DAO’s (current & future) should be aware of this. The Sifu/Wonderland controversy might be exactly the opportunity the SEC has been waiting for to attack DeFi and this might have huge ramifications for what actually constitutes decentralization in a DAO. [](
86. [ble-for-defi/](
87. The world is catching on to the difference between energy intensive blockchains and green blockchains like Cardano. [](
88. This is important for all of us in crypto: a “Keep Your Coins Act” has been introduced into Congress to help safeguard the right to self-custody your crypto that certain lawmakers would like to end. [](
89. Weiss Crypto is once again saying extremely nice things about Cardano. [](
90. ADA Realm is reporting that they have signed a contract for development of their metaverse in Unreal Engine 4. [](
91. 1 Billion ADA has moved to single pool operators. I think we can call this a TVD positive event. [](
92. Wyoming is trying to launch its own stablecoin. Not so sure how this will end. [](
93. There is now a Coti/World Mobile partnership. I think we’ve been waiting for this to happen. They say ADAPay will be offered to African Merchants who connect to the World Mobile system. [](
94. Cardano is straight up destroying everyone (again) in adjusted transaction volume according to Messari. [ ](
95. There was a giant attack reported on Open Sea users. The number $200MM was thrown around. Reports were of a phishing scam, but Open Sea claimed it wasn’t email based. [ ]([](
96. If you haven’t read it already, here’s a very good thread on the need to preserve self-custody in crypto at all costs. [](
97. Self-custody software providers already handing out hilarious rejections to the Canadian government demanding that they “freeze” user crypto accounts. [](
98. The Canadian government’s attempts to “freeze” self-custodied crypto immediately reminded some of the concept of “social slashing” that apparently exists in Ethereum? [](
99. MuesliSwap has a brand new charting function. [](
100. Ardana launches Ardana academy to help people learn about Cardano. [](
101. Coti/Djed has now partnered with AADA. [](
102. The February Cardano 360 will be Thursday the 24th at 17:30 UTC. [](

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