Cardano Daily Discussion – Questions & Market Thread – November 19, 2021

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the Cardano Daily Discussion – Questions & Market Thread!

*The standard sub rules apply here (see sidebar), with the exception that price discussion is allowed in this thread.*

# Cardano Newbies Guide

# 🎓 [If you’re looking for the newbies guide click here!]( 🎓

(newbies guide temporarily unpinned while questions are gathered for the [fireside chat](


# NFTs for Planting Trees

You can donate ADA and receive NFTs for doing so, each ADA is a tree planted, it’s a win win! Read about veritree [here]( and take part on [](


# Project Catalyst

# [Project Catalyst Fund 7 Launch Guide Here!](


# ⚠️ Scam Warning ⚠️

**Please read the** [**Cybersecurity guidelines for Cardano Users**](**.**

There are ongoing giveaway scams on youtube and many scammers lurking in Cardano’s social channels impersonating ambassadors/moderators/official staff contacting users via direct messages.

For example, searching ‘cardano’ on youtube and sorting by most recent upload date shows several giveaway scams running (all videos in screenshot are scams):


[Ongoing ‘giveaway’ scams on Youtube](

The youtube scams are automated; use stolen footage usually of Charles Hoskinson and are restreamed so to appear to be ‘live’; appear to have many watchers (which are bots); use bought hacked channels and are edited to appear like official channels.

Do not be fooled!


**To be clear:**

* ⚠️ There is **no such thing** as a Cardano giveaway
* ⚠️ **Never** **share** your seed phrase with ANYONE
* ⚠️ **Never** **send** ADA to someone promising to send you more ADA back
* ⚠️ You **will never** be contacted by ambassadors/moderators/staff

**Please report scams on the** [**Cardano Fraud Detection Bureau**](**.**

# ⚠️ Scam Warning ⚠️

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