Calling all creatives in the space to apply to Artano!

Hi everyone!

Firstly, happy new year! 2021 was crucial for Artano and we’ve curated 2 major collections with over 100 people involved in creating our marketplace, all while being fully self-funded.

We were a fully smart-contract supported marketplace with artist royalties, split sales, and soon editions and auctions! We’ve attracted over 30 artists from Ethereum, Tezos and the traditional art world to our last collection Apeirogon (with 64 artists participating overall).

Now it’s time for us to attract top talent who would bring 1/1, limited pieces to Cardano. Our main goal is to onboard top talent from other blockchains as well, so if you have any friends who might be interested invite them to apply [here](!
Thank you and stay awesome 💜

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