BTC Price Surges To $48K Amid SEC ETF Approval, And The ETH to Retest $2.7K and Keep Cruising Toward $3K

Key Findings: BTC Technical Analysis

Bitcoin price retests the immediate resistance at $48K following the SEC ETF approval.

The recent price spike of Bitcoin has been fueled by significant short liquidations.

An extension of the current bullish trend may result in BTC/USD exceeding $58K.

Bitcoin Technical Analysis – BTC Daily Price Chart

BTC/USD will likely break the resistance at $50K untouched since December 2021. Source: The Distributed

Bitcoin (BTC) jumped to around $47,450 on February 8, representing a 3.25% increase and the biggest weekly rally in four months. The price increase has raised the possibility that, in the lead-up to its impending halving event in April, Bitcoin may surpass the $50,000 barrier.

At present, the market capitalization of Bitcoin is around $47,475, and its market cap is $931.8 billion. The market may be overbought, pointing to a potential future price decline, according to the relative strength index (74.84), and the 21-day exponential moving average, which is currently at $44,137.

We’ll closely watch how the price reacts around the current resistance, which is near $48,000. The price staying above this level will mean an extension of the current bullish trend. In such a case, we may see BTC/USD exceeding the immediate resistance at $51,907 and cruising towards the $58K level.

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Key Findings: ETH Technical Analysis

Ethereum (ETH) surged by 7% weekly, surpassing competitors and peaking at $2,700.

The current bullish trend may help ETH/USD pass the critical resistance zone between $3,000 – $3,500.

However, failure to maintain above $2,150 could lead to a decline toward support levels at $2,010 and $1,750.

Ethereum Technical Analysis – ETH Daily Price Chart

ETH/USD is to retest the immediate resistance at $2,700 following the current uptrend. Source: The Distributed

With a 7% weekly growth, Ethereum (ETH) has outperformed its competitors and demonstrated the strongest performance. The price of Ethereum (ETH) recently peaked at $2,700, and technical analysts are optimistic that ETH could soon surpass $3,500.

Ethereum (ETH) has grown significantly while trading in an area with a resistance of around $2,633 and support at $2,016. The current price rise can be related to the next Dencun update, which will improve the stability and scalability of the network.

In a bullish situation, Ethereum (ETH) would indicate more upside potential above $2,983 and $3,600 if it can exceed the resistance at $2,700.

In contrast, a bearish scenario may see ETH fall toward $2,010 and $1,750 if it fails to maintain support above the $2,150 level. This might lead to selling pressure.
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