Bitcoin Exchange Inflows Hit Three-Month High As Market Braces For More Downside

Bitcoin exchange inflows have been on the rise recently. Although there was a period where it had tapered off, it had continued to rise once more. The culmination of this has been a massive inflow into various centralized exchanges, presumably for investors to sell off their coins. Now the inflows have hit a new three-month high, painting a rather grim picture for the future of the digital asset. Inflows Take Over Bitcoin investors have been dumping their holdings since the digital asset started its descent from its $69,000 all-time high. Although outflows had rivaled inflows, the rate at which BTC was flowing into exchanges remained a cause for alarm.  In a chart posted by Glasnode Alerts, it shows how inflows have been moving in relation to price. Following the historical pattern of inflows increasing when the price is down, the market had seen more and more bitcoins moved onto exchanges for sale.  Related Reading | APE Takes A Beating As It Sheds 50% Of Its Price The exchange inflow volume on a 7-day moving average touched a three-month high of 1,729.605 BTC flowing into exchanges. This inflow had ramped up after bitcoin had lost its footing above $36,000, a critical support level. shares this Contents always with License.

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