Behind the DeFi War of Words Between Aave and Yearn

Dodgers and Giants. India and Pakistan. Vin Diesel and The Rock. 
Time to add another rivalry to the list: Aave and Yearn.
Earlier this week, Cream Finance—an Ethereum -based lending protocol— suffered its third attack this year as hackers made off with a cool $130 million. Now, people are starting to point fingers. In a Thursday article, DeFi publication Rekt suggested that Yearn Finance, an ever-expanding set of decentralized lending and trading protocols that began integrating with Cream last year even as it merged with Pickle Finance and pursued other ventures, should bear the blame: “The Yearn Finance decentralised monopoly has grown too large, and its operators; [sic] too careless. Why accumulate so many protocols if you don’t care for their users?”
The war of words is spilling out onto Twitter, where thinly veiled subtweets from prominent Aave contributors abounded.
So, what’s this all about? And what’s it got to do with Aave, a totally different lending protocol with similar services?
Yearn Finance and Cream Finance, which was forked from Compound, share a connection via the two developer teams, and the projects share integrations, such as the Iron Bank. Some Aave community members, meanwhile, have suspected Yearn developers of forking Aave to their own ends. So when details of the $130 million hack broke , some Aave community members took the opportunity to throw shade not at Cream, but at Yearn, which has a wide reach.

Yearn Ecosystem @RektHQ leaderboard:
(total 252.8M$ in what Rekt covered)
1 – 37.5M 2 – 25M$ 3 – 19.7M$ 4 – 18.8M$ 5 – 11M$
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