A statement as a new member of the Reddit Cardano community

Hello everyone, I am very new to cryptocurrencies as I have started researching and putting my money on projects I value and deem as important only in the last two years. We all know what is happening now, the crypto market is probably going into full bear mode soon, inflation is at it’s highest, politics are chaotic and we still have not fully recovered from the pandemic.

After watching the (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNH_PvkVN74&t=600s) of Charles Hoskinson published today morning, and having had previous doubts about the commitment of the team to the whole Cardano project, I am convinced that it is one of the few crypto projects that is honest about it’s goals and wants to provide a greated future for humanity. It is clear, from the words of Mr Hoskinson that the team wants to give an alternative to the common person, and detach unsatisfied people’s finances from institutions that are playing with market and only seek monetary gain, and who are unfortunately also poisoning the crypto world.

I am a person of scientific and engineering background, and seeing that Cardano’s team is commited to these goals and does not flinch when the scent of money starts showing puts faith into me and many others I believe. Therefore, I am going to support this project and keep investing in it.

I hope you all hold well in the future and keep strong faith !

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