A Low Res Gif of a Rock Has No Merit

The belief system between Bitcoiners and “Shitcoiners” continues to widen. While the two groups agree every once in a while, they are often completely on separate pages criticizing themselves.
For clarity, “shitcoiner” may have varying meanings, depending on who’s speaking, but it is mostly used by Bitcoin maximalists to describe people who trade in other cryptocurrencies.
Recently, Blockstream co-founder and CEO Adam Back blasted Shitcoiners, saying that they are terrible at making memes and the reason for that is unclear. The Bitcoin proponent went further to say that the popular and expensive ETHRocks which sold for as high as $2.1 billion are nothing but “a low-resolution gif that has no merit.”
How it started
As with most altercations between Bitcoiners and Shitcoiners, the recent clash between the two groups started on Crypto Twitter and it was about memes, a culture that is fast becoming an integral part of the cryptocurrency space.
Sharing a meme yesterday, Back trolled at Shitcoiners, noting that “honesty” could be the problem with Bitcoin maximalists as they are “too honest for some people’s tastes.”

maybe this is the “problem” with #bitcoin “maximalism”. too honest for some people’s tastes License.

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